Oggs Aquafaba launches the first plant-based egg alternative

Oggs Aquafaba launches the first plant-based egg alternative

After a robust development phase, Oggs the vegan friendly cake brand is launching Oggs Aquafaba egg alternative and it’s ready to star in many of the nation’s favourite recipes.

As the enthusiasm for plant-based alternatives shows no sign of slowing, chefs and home-bakers alike have been eagerly awaiting this plant powered egg alternative made from chickpeas. It works just like eggs in home baking from sponge cakes to meringues, mayo to mousses – the only thing you can’t do is dip your soldiers in it!

 At a time when the majority of us are staying at home, more and more people have been inspired to get their aprons on. Oggs Aquafaba is set to be the new store cupboard staple, keeping bakers baking, chefs making and cakes rising.

Being an ambient, long life product means fresh eggs are no longer required, giving chickens the day off and making a positive change for the future of the planet.

 Aquafaba from Oggs has been the dream for company founder Hannah Carter, she said:  “For us, this is the future of food, it’s more sustainable and ethical than the traditional egg alternative. Aquafaba has the potential to replace much of the hidden animal protein in our food chain from egg white in gluten free bread to the barn eggs that sadly still reside in many prepared foods on our shelves”

 “After working with two top universities in both the UK and Portugal the result is a consistently performing, clean, plant-based food ingredient that is the ideal alternative for eggs in baking and cooking. Aquafaba will enable both professional and home chefs and bakers to explore a huge range of recipes that simply replace an egg with an Ogg.

Found in the egg aisle, the 200ml carton is equivalent to four eggs with an RRP of £1.99, launching in Waitrose in June, shortly followed by launches in Sainsbury’s and Asda later this year. A 500ml format, aimed at the food service industry, will follow in the Autumn and a 5ltr for manufacturing in early 2021.

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