ESI Nutrition increasing production capacity and releasing new bottle options

ESI Nutrition’s new production line located in Ploudaniel’s facility is now fully operational and ran its first commercial production on April 28th.

The decision to invest in this new line dedicated to complex nutritional products was made in 2018 in response to the ever-more demanding quality standards set for infant and clinical nutrition products, which are the primary markets targeted by these new offerings.

The newly installed equipment consists of a sterilisation module followed by aseptic filling and complete with a secondary packaging unit. Beyond enhancing its production capacity and providing state-of-the-art quality control, with this investment, ESI Nutrition also wanted to expand the range of formats available to its customers and released two new bottle sizes: 70ml and 90ml.

Smaller than the existing options, these new bottles are compact and perfect for ESI Nutrition’s flagship product, “nourettes”, which are liquid infant formula prepackaged in ready-to-use baby bottles with a dedicated screw top and adapted teat, handed out in maternity wards. They are ergonomically designed for easier handling and translucent to keep track of how much has been consumed.

“Seeing the first market-ready bottles coming out of the line was a big milestone for the company and we are really excited for the addition of these new options to our range. Not only will it open up opportunities for our customers in the infant nutrition market, but it could also benefit sports nutrition brands and even be a great match for highly concentrated clinical nutrition formulas,” said Mathieu Lucot, marketing manager at ESI Nutrition.

“The fact that our facility is GACC1-approved to supply products for export to China is also a big asset that will allow us to develop our reach in the area by providing nutritionally-adapted solutions that best support infant’s growth and development,” he added.

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