LoveRaw launches world’s first vegan ‘Cre&m’ filled wafer bar

LoveRaw launches world’s first vegan ‘Cre&m’ filled wafer bar

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UK vegan chocolate brand, LoveRaw, has emulated a leading confectionery favourite with the launch of the world’s first vegan hazelnut cream filled wafer bar.

Following the recent success of its online store, LoveRaw’s new 100% vegan, Cre&m Filled Wafer Bar is the first product to be launched exclusively online by the game-changing brand. Made from the finest ingredients including LoveRaw’s very own M:lk chocolate, this treat contains no artificial nonsense, no palm oil, no dairy and no compromise.

Having successfully disrupted the confectionery industry, LoveRaw’s latest product innovation has reportedly received significant interest from a number of retail giants; following the launch of its M:lk Choc Bar range in April 2020, currently available in Boots, Whole Foods and Amazon.

Consisting of two individually wrapped bars sealed within LoveRaw’s newly re-branded packaging, the Cre&m Filled Wafer Bar is representative of LoveRaw’s mantra: ‘chocolate first, vegan second’.

LoveRaw launches world's first vegan 'Cre&m' filled wafer bar

In discussing the brand’s decision to “veganise” a popular chocolate treat, Manav Thapar, managing director of LoveRaw, said: “During a team NPD meeting, we asked each of our employees to choose a well-known chocolate treat that they would like to see “veganised”. There was a clear winner – the hazelnut cream filled wafer bar.

“As with all new product launches, we did have to jump through some hoops – the biggest being that the Cre&m Filled Wafer Bar had to taste like “chocolate chocolate” and not compromise on flavour. Continuing with this process amidst a global pandemic has been challenging, however, we have been lucky to be able to adapt and overcome any hurdles in order to move forward with our plans for rapid business growth.”

The brand’s decision to initially launch the product online follows a rapid shift in consumer behaviour as a result of Covid-19, inspiring LoveRaw to create a new e-commerce strategy in addition to its retail presence.

Rimi Thapar, co-founder & CEO of LoveRaw, explained: “As a result of the lockdown restrictions, we have seen a huge shift in consumer shopping habits, with more people buying online than ever before. For this reason, we wanted to ensure our products are fully accessible to our customers through the launch of our own online store and have received an excellent response with direct sales up almost 800% YoY.

“We are, therefore, incredibly excited about the launch of our own vegan take on a classic chocolate treat and look forward to bringing it to market via our online store and through new and existing retail partnerships.”

With an RRP of £1.69, the new Cre&m Filled Wafer Bar is now available to purchase directly via, with plans to be stocked on Amazon, as well as in Holland & Barrett and Waitrose later this year.

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