Fermented health drink promotes good gut health

Fermented health drink promotes good gut health

A new fermented probiotic drink is providing health conscious individuals with a hydrating, tasty, and easy to consume option that supports natural immune resistance and helps balance digestive bacteria.

EM Drink, launched recently by Agriton UK, has been a mainstay of Holistic Reflections business director Beccy Smith’s diet for the last four months. “My mother, husband and I all consume EM Drink daily, and have found it to be an ideal health drink to fit in with our busy lifestyles,” she says.

“I believe our microbiome should be nurtured, and EM Drink supports this while keeping my body resilient.”

EM Drink contains effective microorganisms – a mixture of beneficial, naturally occurring organisms including lactic acid bacteria and yeasts – which are key ingredients responsible for the many health benefits. In addition, it also includes multiple nutrients such as vitamin C, zinc, potassium, malic acid, and citric acid which support healthy digestion.

The inclusion of Aronia berries supports the taste of the drink, as well as providing a high content of antioxidants which protects body cells against the harmful effects of free radicals and therefore ageing.

“In the past I have suffered with chronic gut health issues. However, EM Drink reduces cramping and bloating and helps keep my previously irritated bowels happy and functioning well.

Fermented health drink promotes good gut health“The flexibility of how you can use the product is the best part. You buy it as a concentrate and can mix it with water or other soft drinks. But we sometimes add it to fruit smoothies because of its sharp, fruity taste,” she added.

Linda Weller, Agriton UK Home and Garden sales manager said the fermentation process creates a product that is rich in substances with antioxidant properties.

“The health benefits of EM Drink really are noticeable, and Beccy is just one of the many people finding this out for themselves,” concluded Linda Weller.

For those interested in stocking EM Drink, contact Linda Weller on [email protected].

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