Crafty Nectar lands ‘the unicorn’ of the alcohol-free market

Crafty Nectar lands 'the unicorn' of the alcohol-free market

Crafty Nectar and Wise BarTender have joined forces to make the world’s best low alcohol cider.

Called Crafty Nectar 0.5, a ‘unicorn’ cider, the low-alcohol cider has all the taste and character of a full-blooded cider.

Containing just 76 calories per bottle, the cider is gluten-free and vegan friendly. It appeals to those who go alcohol-free for health benefits and is positioned to be a winner for the booming vegan market.

Fresh pressed cider is blended with west country apple juice to produce a medium sweet zingy cider.

Crafty Nectar has an award-winning portfolio of alcoholic cider and wants to expand the alcohol-free cider category.

The cider business said it set out to produce a new alcohol cider that offered full flavour and mouth feel. During development it was joked that a premium alcohol-free cider was as rare as a unicorn…well, now it’s time to believe in unicorns.

Ed Calvert, CEO Crafty Nectar said after meeting Tom (Wise BarTender) on the hockey pitch, playing for Shepton Mallet Hockey Club, they both quickly realised they had more in common than a passion for the sport. Calvert said: “Our discussion quickly turned to alcohol-free cider. Why are there no decent cider offerings on the market? Someone must be able to make one without compromising on taste?

“The vision quickly became a reality after a day of cider development…we actually hit on the perfect style on their 4th attempt! The rest of course is history…except the unicorn appeared on the label!”

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