IFST Spring Conference & membership bursary offered to early career food safety specialists

New survey sheds light on food safety perceptions in pre-accession countries

IFST and GFSI are looking for 15 new entrants to the food industry (with less than five years’ experience) who are bright and committed people working in roles where food safety is critical.

They want to hear about their achievements and contributions in the area of food safety especially over the last year when the public has been even more reliant on safe food to maintain their health, as part of their home-based Covid-19 situation. The entrant may or may not be currently working but have initiated their career within the last five years. They want to hear how the entrant has made a positive impact in their workplace that has contributed to improvements in food safety in the food supply chain from farm to fork. In less than five hundred words, the entrant should discuss what the problem was and how it was identified, what their role was in developing a solution or improvement to a situation and what the outcome was for them, their business and their customers.

The fifteen winners of this competition will be awarded a year’s complimentary Associate membership with IFST and a place at IFST’s virtual Spring Conference ‘Food Science and Technology -Thinking Smart Acting Smart which runs from 26 April – 7 May. In addition, the winners will be invited to a presentation and careers mentoring session with the Food Safety Leaders of Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), during 2021.

Entries will be judged by a small panel chaired by Jon Poole, IFST Chief Executive.

Erica Sheward, director of GFSI commented: “New professionals making a career in the food sector are our future security in maintaining and ensuring the continuous improvement of food safety practices and culture in the industry and need relevant opportunities for continuous learning and professional development. Understanding the food safety implications of changes to the supply chain such as we are experiencing now post EU Exit is vital going forward. Membership of IFST provides vital knowledge, technical resources and a community that is a valuable resource we are pleased to support and encourage in this manner.”

Details and criteria of how to enter the competition have been published on the IFST website (www.ifst.org/sc21-bursary) and entries should be returned by midnight 9 April 2021 to [email protected].

For more information, contact Deborah Kendale (business development director) at [email protected].

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