Research reveals Brits’ 20 best-loved condiments

Whether it’s ketchup on a bacon sarnie, apple sauce with cracking, or vinegar with hot chips, almost half (44%) of Brits claim to enjoy a condiment with every single meal.

Tomato ketchup, which historians claim originally came from China, is the nation’s clear favourite, with a resounding 50% of the vote, closely followed by mayonnaise (43%), BBQ sauce (36%) and salad cream (26%).

Respondents were given a large list of condiments and asked to pick the ones they love the most. The researchers, from Insights agency Perspectus Global, then whittled the list down to a definitive top 20.

It seems Brits are still partial to a dollop of mint sauce, as the classic accompaniment to roast lamb came in at number five in the poll, with 22% of the vote. Other traditional favourites to make the list include English mustard, Worcestershire sauce, Piccalilli, and tartare sauce.

The poll also saw more modern entries such as Sriracha come in at number 19, beating redcurrant jelly and soy sauce making number eight, in the poll of 2,000 condiment lovers.

The research also revealed some of the nation’s more bizarre combinations, with 12% saying they put ketchup on a roast lunch, 18% smearing BBQ sauce on cold pizza and as many as 8% having put mint sauce on a curry. 9% reported having put BBQ sauce on a Full English, while 11% have spread mayonnaise on their toast.

Ellie Glason from Perspectus Global commented: “with summer in full swing and many enjoying BBQs and summer roasts, we wanted to see which condiments the nation hold dearest to their hearts.

“The poll clearly proves that tomato ketchup remains the firm favourite. It also settles the great debate over what is better, mayo or salad cream.”

47% of those surveyed agreed that hot sauces such as Sriracha were increasing in popularity. 65% confessed to having a fridge full of half used condiment jars, bottles, and containers.

The full list of condiments:

  1. Tomato ketchup – 50%
  2. Mayonnaise – 43%
  3. BBQ sauce – 36%
  4. Salad cream – 26%
  5. Mint sauce – 22%
  6. Malt vinegar – 21%
  7. Brown sauce – 20%
  8. Soy sauce – 19%
  9. Burger relish – 17%
  10. English mustard – 15%
  11. Worcestershire sauce – 14%
  12. Apple sauce – 13%
  13. Dijon mustard – 11%
  14. Hoisin sauce – 11%
  15. Tartare sauce – 11%
  16. Tabasco – 9%
  17. Piccalilli – 8%
  18. Horseradish – 9%
  19. Sriracha – 7%
  20. Redcurrant Jelly – 6%

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