WeissBioTech adds Deltabrew Pure to stabilise beer and foam

WeissBioTech is offering brewers around the world a complete range of safe, compliant, economic and customised enzyme solutions for malting, cereal cooking and mashing, fermentation, attenuation and filtration, beer maturation and stabilisation.

Steffen Wackenhut, master brewer and global sales director at WeissBioTech said the business recognises the many challenges today’s brewers face as well as the opportunities due to the many beer fashions and trends.

“We understand it is critical to fully appreciate the nature of the available raw materials and each unique brewing process,” he said.

Deltabrew Pure was recently launched by WeissBioTech and is the latest addition to their brewing enzyme portfolio.

The protease enzyme eliminates chill haze formation during cold storage and provides beer and foam stability.

Industrial scale trials by brewers around the world are taking place as the enzyme is addressing multiple unmet needs, such as:

  • It is derived from non-GM fermentation processes.
  • Unlike similar products, it has no negative impact on beer taste.
  • It is a protease active and stable even at cool fermentation temperatures.
  • It optimises cost-in-use / brewing economics.

Dr. Vasil Iliev, technical sales & application maanager at WeissBioTech said chill haze formation is the result from binding of complex polyphenols and proteins during cold storage of the beer.

He added: “The haze can become permanent over time. While added during the fermentation, Deltabrew Pure protease enzyme prevents the haze formation to happen and allows beer to maintain its original clarity.’’

Enzymes are added as processing aids to optimise brewing during mashing or fermentation for increasing the production of fermentable sugars, to aid the mash filtration, to speed up the maturation process and in the case of low-calorie beers: to decrease the amount of carbohydrates in final products.

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