Multivac Marking & Inspection offers two more sustainable labelling solutions for fresh produce trays

Multivac Marking & Inspection is now offering two more high-quality and sustainable labelling solutions for fresh produce trays – Top Wrap and Top Close – for fruit and vegetables.

The company says packaging and labelling has to be very sustainable as well as secure driving brands to think differently about what they offer.

The latest studies show, that the ecological footprint of a processed food product is generally up to 30 times higher than the footprint of its packaging. Within the food sector in Germany, the proportion taken up by the packaging is just one to three per cent.

Top Wrap involves applying a label to the top and both sides of the tray, Top Close seals the tray closed just with a label from above. Both concepts are the ideal choice for all fresh products, which do not have to be packed under modified atmosphere or airtight in a vacuum. This means that a label can be used to simply seal the tray closed and label it attractively at the same time. Both labelling solutions provide a strong purchasing incentive thanks to their attractive label and recyclable pack.

The self-adhesive labels on a backing material not only offer a large area for customer information and marketing purposes, they also open up a wide range of possibilities for product presentation in terms of material thickness and label shape. It is possible to have cut-outs in the label, as well as adhesive-free zones, so that contact with the product is prevented.

The label makes sure that the contents cannot fall out of the tray or be removed by the customer. But in contrast however to full wrap labelling, the label is only applied to the top and two sides, and not around the complete pack.

“Thanks to a combination of cardboard trays and standard self-adhesive labels made of paper or renewable materials, this produces a pack that can be sorted perfectly into its separate components for recycling,” emphasizes Michael Reffke, product manager for labelling Technology at Multivac marking & inspection in Enger.

In addition to this, it is also possible with Top Wrap to use film labels made of polypropylene. Polypropylene labels offer the great benefit of providing the optimum view of the product thanks to a transparent window on the top of the tray. Since the backing material is not peeled off in this area, the content of the tray is protected against contact with the label adhesive. And as Michael Reffke says, “The proportion of plastic in such a pack is under 10 % depending on the label material used. The label can also be easily removed, making it simple for the consumer to separate the materials into the different recycling channels.”

Plastic or cardboard trays with a wide flange or even round trays can be sealed closed simply and securely on the top and labelled at the same time. The label only adheres to the flanges of the tray. The label can also be printed on the labeller itself with a best-before date for example, and it is even possible to inspect the print on the label.

Since Multivac Marking & Inspection is currently celebrating its 50th anniversary, an attractive birthday bonus is on offer for all customers, who decide on the purchase of a conveyor belt labeller be-fore the end of 2022.

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