Schubert launches new training concept

Packaging machine manufacturer Schubert is laying the foundation for the expansion and relaunch of its training concept with the inauguration of a modern training centre in Crailsheim, Germany,

The Schubert training team wants to work more closely with customers to develop new formats and content that are even more closely aligned with the evolution of the packaging industry and packaging machines.

Schubert notes that advanced robot technology, multiple format changes, 3D printing in production, digital control systems, and data-driven error analysis places extra demands on production managers, machine operators and other skilled workers, particularly with increased digitalisation and automation.

At the same time, there is currently a shortage of skilled personnel and often a high staff turnover in companies, which has led Schubert to consider how to closely examine its existing training portfolio and revise it.

Uwe Galm, director of customer services, explains: “We have listened carefully to our customers and taken on board their various needs and wishes. With this input, we will continue to refine our training portfolio.”

The move to the new training centre at the company’s Crailsheim headquarters sees the former industrial hall of over 1,000 m2 of bright, modern premises created with space for a reception area, four training rooms with packaging machines, a lounge and additional technical rooms.

“We are taking a multi-track approach with our training concept,” highlights Uwe Galm. “This includes not only the expansion of our training locations in Germany and the USA, but also new formats, new content and an expanded training team.”

In the future, Schubert customers will benefit from both face-to-face and online training. Uwe Galm is especially keen on expanding training content and topics: “We cannot think of a customer’s individual machine in limited terms, but rather in terms of system components such as robots or image processing.”

Thanks to the company’s modular machine concept, training for individual system components can basically be transferred to any Schubert machine, so that customers benefit from training across the board. Training that focuses on troubleshooting will also be modelled on this approach.

“In the future, we would like to take an even more vivid, illustrative approach and offer our customers pre-produced videos without any language barriers as support,” added the director of customer services.

“We are increasing our capacities as we gear up to the new programme,” he explained, “not only in Germany, but also in the US.” At the Charlotte location, a trainer is now on site full-time for customer training – a major gain in service and customer proximity for the American market. At the same time, Schubert will be making digital training and videos available directly via the Transaction Network customer portal. The portal, which is also home to Schubert’s Digital CARE Services, will gradually be supplemented with further content to expand the central digital service platform.

Schubert said the new training concept, the updated service portfolio and the link to the customer portal will create a comprehensive package for customers that can be tailored precisely to their needs.

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