SGS launches food contact product certification mark

SGS has launched the SGS Food Contact Product Certification Mark to help manufacturers and suppliers demonstrate the safety and performance of their products in regulated, global markets.

The move comes as consumers and regulatory authorities now want evidence that products have been independently verified as safe, functional and compliant with market requirements.

The SGS Food Contact Product Certification Mark covers both mandatory safety requirements and voluntary performance parameters.

According to the testing, inspection and certification company, the certificate can improve traceability and build consumer confidence while simplifying market access.

SGS’s experience of critical parameters and target market requirements, means it can define the testing scope to ensure it meets the requirements of the market and manufacturer/supplier.

Certification is offered as either ‘Food Safe’ or ‘Food Safe and Performance’ and is an indication that a product complies with all relevant standards required to succeed in competitive, regulated markets like USA, EU, Great Britain, Switzerland and China.

Certified products can display the SGS Food Contact Product Certification Mark, which includes:

  • Evidence of independent certification by a trusted service provider
  • Information on the criteria against which the product was assessed (safety/performance)
  • QR code linked to the ProCert client database

At a time when regulatory authorities and consumers are demanding independent verification that products are safe and will perform effectively, the SGS Food Contact Product Certification Mark shows manufacturers/suppliers have gone beyond basic compliance.

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