Flavorman spills the tea on its beverage of 2022

With 2023 fast approaching, many will reflect on the triumphs, challenges, and downright turbulent times we faced in 2022. And leading custom beverage company, Flavorman, has the perfect new flavour to sum up how many are feeling as we round out the year.

Each year, Flavorman finds the best way to describe the previous 365 days by crafting a flavour with nods to some of the year’s most significant memories and feelings. After a complicated and multifaceted year, Flavorman’s 2022 flavour has been deemed the “Unflappable Flavor,” a flavour so complex that, to some, it may taste downright strange, just like 2022.

If 2022 were a beverage, it would be a tea drink sweetened with honey and berries with lavender, ginseng, and gentian flavours – sweet, juicy, and natural with a healthy slant featuring a bitter taste.

The drink symbolises people blossoming and thriving in an altered world after the storm, the desire to improve our health, and the many hardships that occurred in 2022, like the conflict in Ukraine, supply chain issues, unemployment rates, housing prices, inflation, the “Slap Heard Round the World” at the Oscars, and the loss of celebrity figures like Bob Saget, Queen Elizabeth II, and Coolio, among others. However, add a drop or two of honey to illustrate the good times and positivity many of us had compared to 2021.

“There was plenty of opportunity to “spill the tea” this year, which is why it became the perfect flavour to sum up this year – both the sweet and bitter that we encountered,” said David Dafoe, founder and CEO of Flavorman. “There is also a degree of comfort and familiarity within this tea flavor, which is much needed in times of crisis and turmoil. Overall, we believe this is the perfect way to sum up this year, which became the world’s reawakening and the calm after the storm.”

This is the third year that the Flavorman team has created a flavor to represent the year. To learn more about the “Unflappable Flavor,” visit the Flavorman blog.


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