TriMas Packaging’s aseptic tethered caps meet EU’s Single-Use Plastics Directive

With the European Union’s Single-Use Plastics Directive coming into effect in July 2024, Affaba & Ferrari is reinforcing the suitability of its range of tethered caps, which are designed to remain permanently attached to the bottle after opening and during use.

The design prevents unintended environmental waste caused by discarded caps, the TriMas Packaging brand said.

Beverage closures are among the single-use plastic items most frequently found as waste on beaches within the European Union (EU).

The aim of the EU’s Single-Use Plastics Directive is to reduce unintended environmental waste and facilitate the recycling of caps and closures along with their containers.

Plastic caps and lids will be required to remain attached to beverage containers of up to 3 litres in volume.

Affaba & Ferrari’s range of tethered caps meets the EU’s requirements by offering several benefits to manufacturers, distributors and even consumers.

The tethered cap design ensures that the cap remains securely attached to the container when opened and in use.

According to the brand, it is so robust that the bottle can be opened and closed over 15 times without compromising the integrity of the cap.

The cap is compatible with both PET and HDPE bottles so neck changes are not required in the production process.

The tethered caps are also suitable for aseptic filling, so manufacturers and distributors can ensure hygienic production. Additionally, a tamper-evident ring, for added protection, helps manufacturers guarantee product safety for consumers, who also benefit from the cap locking into a wide-angled position when opened – for convenient pouring and drinking.

To ensure that all customer requirements are met, TriMas Packaging offers two tethered cap solutions with different hinge options.

The first product variant, a horizontal hinge tethered cap, features a diameter of 38 mm with an opening angle of 140°. The cap is also available in a lightweight design on request.

The second product variant is a lightweight tethered cap with an injected hinge, available in diameters of 33 mm and 38 mm – and in two opening angles of either 180° (with hook) and 150° (without hook).

Both caps are available in a variety of attractive colour options, allowing customers to increase their brand identity and shelf presence.

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