Limagrain Ingredients introduces Innosense white masa from an eco-friendly process

Limagrain Ingredients’ newest ingredient, Innosense White Masa, used to produce soft tortilla, wraps and salty snacks like tortilla chips or tacos from a white maize is now being produced through an econ-friendly process.

Masa flours are precooked maize flours traditionally produced by a process called nixtamalisation, requiring high amounts of water and alkaline conditions that generate a high amount of waste. The drying step uses a high amount of energy to evaporate large amounts of water used for cooking.

Limagrain quantified the environment footprint by doing a life cycle analysis with the support of ADEME (French government agency on environment and energy) and with an independent consulting firm. It demonstrated that the environmental profile of the process is very favourable compared to the traditional process for all impact indicators: a reduction of more than 50% of environmental impact.

Limagrain Ingredients said it has developed a process that uses much less water, does not generate polluted water and requires less energy for drying (less water to evaporate compared to a traditional process).

This process is applied to all Limagrain’s developed masa flours in the range.

Thanks to a European sourcing and the eco-friendly process to produce the masa flour, Innosense White Masa addresses current challenges: combining a functional ingredient with better environmental impact.

Limagrain said it has the possibility to adapt the concept depending on customers applications: either for a use in tortilla chips as snacks or a use as a soft tortilla, a gluten free alternative to the wraps products existing on the market based on wheat. With its light colour, but  Tex-Mex taste, it’s easier to integrate inclusions to the product: pulses, seeds, legumes.

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