Multi-award-winning Norwegian spirit brand launches in UK

One of the most awarded drinks brands in recent times, Bareksten Navy Strength Gin is now available in the UK 1. The gin is part of Bareksten Spirits super-premium range of Norwegian craft spirits, comprising gins, absint and aquavit, bottling the essence of Norway and now bringing a taste of dark Norwegian forests to UK bars and homes.

Experienced forager and master distiller Stig Bareksten launched Bareksten Spirits in 2015, having combined his botanical expertise with an interest in the dark otherworldly forests of his homeland; Bareksten Spirits was born. 

Nordic, natural, and organic ingredients form the basis of the flavours. Distilled at Osscraft Distillery in Bergen, Norway, indigenous herbs, wild berries, and pure Norwegian water are at the heart of Bareksten Botanical Gin. Made with 26 botanicals, 90% of which are sourced from the dark Norwegian forests, the Juniper and other berries are renowned for their quality. The premium spirits are potato based, making for a smooth mouthfeel.

Says Bareksten founder, Stig Bareksten: “The UK is a nation of gin lovers and has one of the most vibrant gin markets in the world. We know that it’s a mature market with consumers opting for super premium brands that deliver on taste and that’s exactly what Bareksten offers: peerless, world-class ingredient quality and exceptional flavour.”

The range comprises: Botanical Gin, Navy Strength Gin, Old Tom Gin, Double Gin, Illsint Absint and the Scandinavian favourite, Botanical Aquavit. Bareksten Navy Strength unanimously won Spirit of the Year1 in June 2022 as well as Gin of the Year, in a blind-tasting competition of 2,500 drinks from all spirit categories.

Already snapped up by The Savoy and The Ritz, as well as wholesalers Master of Malt, Speciality Drinks and Threshers, Bareksten also has the seal of approval from celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey,  “Bareksten Spirits in Bergen is producing a London Dry Gin that any Brit would go crazy for.”

The black 70ml bottle of Bareksten Botanical Gin (46% ABV) hints at the deep, dark forests where the majority of the botanicals are sourced. Norway being renowned for the best quality berries in the world; juniper, lingonberries, elderberries, and blueberries are selected for their depth of taste and aroma. The herbs sourced from amongst the pine trees add dense dark undertones of the forest floor while the local flora of chamomile, mint arnica and elderflower provide a fresh floral nose. 

A bottle of wine Description automatically generated with medium confidenceBareksten Botanical Gin

Bareksten Botanical Gin is an absolute flavour-fest, with 26 botanicals, 19 of which are local. Tasting exactly as you would expect it to – of the Norwegian forest. The nose is vibrant and inviting with clear notes of fresh pine intertwined with enticing spiced undertones. Try a simple Bareksten Botanical Gin & Tonic with cherry tomatoes to fully appreciate the flavours.

46% abv – 70cl RRP £42 – 26 Botanicals 


A bottle of wine Description automatically generatedBareksten Navy Strength Gin

Navy strength is the term for a gin that’s at least 58% ABV. The history of this style stretches back to the 18thcentury, when gin was stored on British Navy ships next to the gunpowder. If the gin spilt and got into the gunpowder, then the higher proof would ensure that the gunpowder still exploded.  Excellent as a smooth Direct Martini.

 58% abv – 70cl RRP £49  – 26 Botanicals

A bottle of alcohol Description automatically generated with medium confidenceBareksten Old Tom Gin

Old Tom is slightly sweeter than London Dry, but slightly drier than the Dutch Jenever – the perfect middle ground, some say for a Tom Collins.44% abv – 70cl RRP £44  – 26 Botanicals


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Bareksten Double Gin

This Gin is made by firstly distilling juniper by itself then distilling nine other botanicals and blending them together. Hence, Double Gin. It makes sense!43% abv – 70cl – RRP £39  – Double Distilled


A bottle of wine Description automatically generated with medium confidenceBareksten Illsint Absint

Bareksten Illsint Absint sports a punchy 60% ABV. A clear (not green) Absinthe, produced for mixology and flavour driven by anise, fennel & chamomile. Wonderful in an Espresso Martini.

60% abv – 50cl RRP £44  – 26 Botanicals

A bottle of alcohol Description automatically generated with medium confidenceBareksten Botanical Aquavit

Aquavit originated from Norway in 1531 and has been described as Gin on Steroids! Botanical Aquavit is crafted around a potato-based spirit, flavoured with classic aquavit botanicals along the lines of caraway, fennel and anise, then rested in Oloroso sherry casks for six months for a unique taste, creating a beautiful Viking Negroni.

40% abv – 70cl  – RRP £43 – Rested in Oloroso Casks for 6 months

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