Metaverse offers new opportunities for product developers, says Foodarom

Foodarom, Canada’s leading flavour company and part of the Glanbia family, is highlighting the use of the metaverse as a space offering new opportunities for professionals, product developers, and innovation partners to interact and engage with each other and with digital content in a more immersive and interactive way.

Foodarom’s team of flavour experts says the virtual shared space, created by the convergence of the physical and virtual worlds, has a “new frame for experimentation and exploration” to bring a new style of taste innovation.

Published in its 8th annual edition of Flavor Trends for 2023, Foodarom sees a bold vision of elevating taste creation to a new universe, bolstered by two new flavour creations.

“This year, we’ve taken it to the next level by tapping into the unlimited creative potential of the metaverse. At Foodarom, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of flavour development, and we are using this new virtual shared space to create flavour experiences that exceed consumer expectations and deliver a new level of taste innovation,” says Noémie Loiselle, marketing and commercial group director at Foodarom. “The metaverse presents a new and exciting canvas for designing flavours, and it literally boosts product development possibilities to better respond to consumer demand.”

Designed to capture the imagination and offer a truly immersive taste experience, Foodarom’s entire team celebrates this edition of Flavor Trends with two creations: Electric Punch and Cyber Treat. The Electric Punch flavour offers an extraordinary and explosive taste experience, releasing sensational flavour with a hint of peppery cherry and captivating citrus notes. Cyber Treat is a flavour experience that instantly transports you to a world of warmth and comfort. The flavour is a blend of comforting notes of oats with a hint of vanilla, creating a unique and satisfying taste sensation.

Foodarom invites the product development community to join this journey to elevate your senses in 2023 as it continues to push the boundaries of taste innovation and decode market forces to deliver the best product experience. To learn more about these flavours go to the Flavor Trends page.

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