Sacmi inaugurates training academy

The mayor of Imola, Marco Panieri, was one of many high-profile attendees at the ribbon-cutting ceremony of Sacmi’s 400 m2 €2 million academy.

In recognition of over 48,000 training hours completed in 2022 alone, involving some 3,000 people, president of Sacmi, Paolo Mongardi said the Academy represents much more than one physical place.

“It’s a starting point for sharing a culture of ‘know-how’ that draws on ‘can-do’ core values,” he added.

Sacmi’s Academy is housed in a new facility in its headquarters, via Selice Provinciale 17/A, Imola, in the heart of the manufacturing area.

The space is designed to deliver collaborative training, drive growth and, above all, spark an exchange of ideas and expertise.

“We conceived the Academy not just as a physical space where we can train our people, but as an environment that disseminates, above all, culture and values”, explained Paolo Mongardi, president of Sacmi

The president wants honesty, ethics, and courage in the face of future challenges yet also the ability to draw on experience and pass the resulting knowledge on to the next generation.

“Here at Sacmi, we have at least five generations working together. Innovation isn’t just about embracing the future. It is, primarily, the ability to connect different experiences so that the company left to those who come after us is an even better one”, underlined Paolo Mongardi.

To tansmit knowledge, there are already about a hundred certified Sacmi trainers: experienced personnel with shared tools, procedures and goals at the service of the entire network.

Sacmi also has partnerships with Bologna Business School and Turin Polytechnic being just two of the institutions that Sacmi has teamed up with to establish cutting-edge courses.

In 2023 the focus will be on leadership, project management and the IoT Academy, an offshoot dedicated to expanding and propagating the expertise needed for the digital transition.

Marco Panieri, Mayor of Imola said that the importance of training has never been more crucial.

“The facility inaugurated today is a knowledge generator,” he said. “It highlights both the strength of this enterprise’s local roots and its global outlook. Sacmi’s technological vocation and willingness to share its expertise stem from the values of the cooperative movement that has won success for the city of Imola and its community all over the world.”

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