Self-serve taps to launch at football, rugby and horse racing venues

In a departure from the norm for serving drinks at sporting venues, Drink Command is revolutionising the way spectators consume and experience the perfect match-day pint.

The self-serve beverage technology provider will see its self-serve tap walls allow customers to choose their beverage, pour it themselves and pay seamlessly.

Available in sporting venues across the UK, including Villa Park, Twickenham and Cheltenham, the makers say the quick pint grab means customers “should never have to miss one kick of a ball or drop goal” with Drink Command’s super quick service times.

Drink Command’s self-serve systems have been designed to reduce wait times for customers with a total interaction time of less than 30 seconds allowing guests to avoid the long queues and get back to the action with a pint in hand.

With a cashless payment system, guests follow the instructions via Drink Command’s touchscreen system and pull a crisp pint in seconds.

Drink Command puts customers in charge of the pints with an authentic experience of pouring a Guinness Stout or smooth lager.

Drink Command’s tap walls are customisable and allow venues to integrate the walls to fit the space and interior. Venues can choose between 1 to 200 taps for their wall, giving guests the option to choose a variety of beverages.

The self-serve beverage experience also provides operational benefits for venues by shifting the responsibility from the bar staff to the customer. Through this, venue employees are free to perform other tasks including age verification checks with customers and increased guest interaction.

Drink Commands technology ensures that every drop in a keg is paid for. The makers say it eliminates waste and overpouring with the use of Drink Command’s ultra-sonic flowmeters and solenoid valves. In addition, with the use of credit card and contactless payment options, transaction times are significantly reduced as well as labour costs.

Drink Command’s tap walls offer an experience like no other as guests can challenge each other on their pint-pouring abilities and share the self-serve experience on social media with the #pintpourchallenge.

Peter Robinson, UK & European director of operations and sales said the team is incredibly proud to be working with venues across the country to bring self-serve systems to the sporting masses.

“We pride ourselves on providing a unique experience for spectators who can relax and enjoy the action without the need to queue endlessly for that perfect pint,” Robinson added.

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