Consultation service for challenging materials handling

Materials handling expert, Gough Engineering is launching a free consultation service for companies in the food processing sector with challenging sieving, separation and screening applications.

During its 80 years’ experience in the field, the firm has developed a number of bespoke material handling systems for a multitude of industries, which it believes benefit food processing businesses.

The new service will provide free screening advice from industry experts and access to Gough Engineering’s in-house testing facility.

Gough Engineering produces a selection of off-the-shelf sieves, screens and separators from its manufacturing facility in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, including the Vibraflo sieve and Vibrecon separator.

The business said it is experiencing an increasing number of requests for bespoke materials handling and processing equipment, not least in the food processing sector.

Quality checking is of the utmost importance, and ensuring that small particle and powdered materials are screened effectively is a crucial part of many processes.

“Ineffective screening can create complications for entire batches of product,” explained Stephen Harding, managing director of Gough Engineering. “This can lead to failures against regulatory standards, increased waste and additional incurred costs. Getting the screening or separation process right is imperative, and it often requires a turnkey solution.

“We worked on a project with ready meal manufacturer, Charlie Bighams,” continued Harding. “The customer requested an enclosed sieving station that could enable automation, while ensuring clean air quality in the facility. With our team of engineers, we can provide advice, design and manufacture of a piece of equipment to meet the customer’s specific challenge.”

In addition to consultation, Gough Engineering can provide in-house material testing at the Gough Trials Facility. The facility includes a range of sieves, screens and separators to test the material particles and properties with a range of designs, motion types and drive mechanisms.

To provide the ability to understand product material behaviour, Gough’s newly equipped trial facility uses a variety of screening and sieving machines. Identifying the correct feeding system to the sieving/classifying machines and also the post-feed solutions to the next process can be identified to ensure effective product flow in the client’s production line.

“Our engineers will host prospective customers at the testing facility in Staffordshire, or we can simply perform the tests on their behalf,” continued Harding. “All we need to begin the process is completion of necessary safety data sheets and a sample of the material in question. From here, our thorough testing can determine the necessary equipment for the material, giving customers peace of mind that the equipment they select will be effective.”

The comprehensive services offered by Gough Engineering can also assist in equipment loans at a client’s site, for both short and long term periods, ultimately assessing tests and performance approval.

The consultation service is available to businesses in the food processing sector with challenging materials handling processes. To book a call with one of the Gough Engineering team, contact +44 (0) 1782 567770.

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