Sweegen’s Rebaudioside M receives full authorisation for use in the UK

Sweegen has announced that it has reached a significant milestone as it becomes the first and only company to receive authorisation for any steviol glycosides produced using alternative technologies in the United Kingdom.

Bestevia Rebaudioside M (Reb M) has been fully authorised for use in the United Kingdom. Reb M, a high-purity steviol glycoside derived from the stevia plant, is renowned for its clean and sugar-like taste profile. It offers a natural, zero-calorie sweetness solution for food and beverage manufacturers seeking to reduce sugar content and provide healthier options to consumers.

Sweegen said its nature-based sweeteners, including its Reb M, offer a scalable and cost-effective alternative to traditional sugar. The global sweetness and flavour firm added that it has worked with brands who have been actively collaborating with Sweegen’s food and beverage applications experts based at its EMEA UK Innovation Studio in Reading, England, to integrate the stevia ingredient, along with Sweegen’s taste modulation and sweeteners, into their formulations.

Damian Bellusci, vice president of Sales EMEA/APAC at Sweegen, expressed his excitement about the authorisation, and stated that the business is extremely proud to be the “pioneers” in securing full authorisation for Bestevia Reb M in the UK.

“This milestone reaffirms Sweegen’s commitment to providing innovative, nature-based, and sustainable sweetening solutions to the industry. Reb M offers food and beverage manufacturers an exceptional tool to meet consumer demands for healthier products without compromising taste,” Bellusci said.

The decision to authorise the bioconversion manufacturing method for steviol glycosides, including Reb M, was made by the Minister for Primary Care and Public Health in relation to England, the Welsh Ministers in relation to Wales, and the Minister for Public Health, Women’s Health and Sport in relation to Scotland. The authorisation is per Article 10(1) of retained Regulation 1333/2008, fulfilling the requirements.

The authorised manufacturing method allows for using steviol glycosides, including Reb M, in the Great Britain (GB) market. The Regulations provide updated terms of authorisation for using this method in Great Britain, with the terms being similar to those in the European Union (EU) and Northern Ireland. For the latest information, referring to the relevant EU Regulations on the EUR-Lex website is recommended.

Casey McCormick, vice president of global innovation at Sweegen, emphasised the significance of Reb M in driving product innovation. “The approval of Bestevia Reb M in the UK represents a very positive step forward for brands looking to improve the nutrition profile of their products. The clean, sweet taste of our Bestevia Reb M enables new approaches to reduce and eliminate sugar in a way that exceeds consumers’ expectations and supports public health objectives to reduce sugar consumption.”

Hadi Omrani, vice president of technical and regulatory affairs at Sweegen, highlighted the rigorous safety and compliance standards behind Bestevia Reb M’s authorisation. Omrani stated, “At Sweegen, we prioritise safety, quality, and regulatory compliance. Obtaining full authorisation for Bestevia Reb M in the U.K. required thorough scientific evaluations and stringent assessments to ensure its safety for consumption. This achievement reflects our commitment to delivering superior products that meet the highest industry standards.”

Sweegen is dedicated to revolutionizing the sweetener market with innovative solutions that promote healthier choices without compromising taste. The full authorisation of Bestevia Reb M in the U.K. reinforces Sweegen’s leadership in the nature-based sweetener space and positions the company as a trusted partner for food and beverage manufacturers worldwide.

Sweegen recently attained FEMA GRAS status for sweet proteins brazzein and thaumatin II, complementing steviol glycosides in food and beverage production. With the addition of brazzein and thaumatin II, Sweegen continues to expand its portfolio of safe and effective taste-modulating flavours that can help food and beverage manufacturers meet the demand for healthier and delicious products to align with consumers’ holistic approaches to wellness. Brazzein is the star ingredient in Sweegen’s newly launched Sweetensify flavours for taste modulation, an ideal flavours tool for brands seeking to create sugar-like tastes in food and beverages.

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