Mettler-Toledo’s enhanced ProdX software provides greater efficiency, productivity and sustainability

Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection has announced the latest version of its advanced data management software, ProdX, which is designed for food manufacturers to improve data handling, quality control and operational efficiency.

The primary objective behind the new software enhancements to ProdX 2.6 was the commitment of Mettler-Toledo to meeting the exacting demands of food manufacturers searching for comprehensive, efficient and data-driven solutions.

Positioned as a cornerstone of quality control and data management, ProdX 2.6 integrates with Mettler-Toledo product inspection equipment.

Whether monitoring reject statistics, contamination events or generating reports, the update empowers users with a high level of accessibility and automation.

ProdX 2.6 allows manufacturers immediate access to data to make informed decisions to improve production line performance and meet quality standards.

ProdX also plays a pivotal role by collecting and safeguarding inspection data from product inspection devices.

Key additional benefits, include an optimised web dashboard – an advanced web-based interface offers users the ability to access and monitor their data on smart devices.

Automated reporting is another significant improvement to ProdX 2.6 as well as enhanced changeover  where manufacturers can now switch over their product inspection systems simultaneously or selectively, either from a master device or remotely.

Peter Spring, ProdX product manager at Mettler-Toledo, says ProdX 2.6 represents a “leap forward” in manufacturing productivity.

“By simplifying and automating documentation and reporting processes, this new version eliminates the arduous task of manual data compilation that manufacturers once grappled with, Spring explained.

He added: “Administrative productivity receives a substantial boost, freeing up valuable time and resources that can now be channeled into more strategic and value-added activities. These combined enhancements, alongside the sustainability improvements ProdX 2.6 offers, are poised to greatly improve the way food manufacturers operate, enhancing productivity, efficiency and sustainability.”

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