FIE 2023: Lallemand Specialty Cultures to showcase three new innovations

Lallemand Specialty Cultures (LSC) will introduce three new innovations for the dairy and fermented-meat industries at Food Ingredients Europe 2023 exhibition, Hall 4 – Booth #D161.

The first, Flav-antage BLB1 is a natural innovation for  washed-rind and smeared-rind cheese producers with Flav-antage BLB is a carefully selected strain of Brevibacterium aurantiacum from Lallemand’s extensive cell bank.

Flav-antage BLB1 represents LSC’s latest innovation meeting specific market demands, providing a natural alternative for vibrant rind colour and intense cheese flavour.

  • New surface and ripening culture producing brown coloration and robust aromatic compounds
  • Clean label: can replace brown colourants like caramel, considered an additive
  • Enhances background colouration in combination with other bacteria

This innovation seamlessly integrates into Lallemand Specialty Cultures’ existing Flav-antage
Brevibacterium aurantiacum range, offering several advantages:

  • Imparts specific rind colours, from creamy white to orange and brown
  • Gives distinct surface appearances, from moist and sticky to dry and non-sticky
  • Enriches aroma and taste with or without colouration (Flav-antage BLA1 a pigmented strain)

The second, Flav-antage LN2 is a new culture for optimising blue cheese production. Flav-antage LN2, is an aromatic Leuconostoc mesenteroides culture designed to optimise blue cheese production. It efficiently and robustly opens the curd, allowing optimal blue mould development.
Key features include:

  • Controlled gas production: Improved performance ensures regular and uniform openings via optimal and controlled CO2 production throughout the cheese-making process, even towards the end of the season with more challenging sheep’s milk curd.
  • Uniform distribution: not only does this solution offer more openings, but it also ensures uniform distribution, preserving the cheese’s shape.
  • Aromatic development: Flav-antage LN2 promotes excellent development and expression of Penicillium roqueforti mould, offering authentic and intense flavour.
  • Pronounced blue colour: through its effectiveness, Flav-antage LN2 optimally fosters
    Penicillium roqueforti development, resulting in a more pronounced blue colour, enhancing the cheese’s visual appeal.

Flav-antage LN2 is the ideal solution for blue cheese producers seeking enhanced performance and consistent quality in opening their curds. Flav-antage LN2 ensures notable effects, meeting the
expectations of the most discerning blue cheese enthusiasts.

The third introduction, Natural Rose is a solution for developing and stabilising colour in  charcuterie products without nitrite or nitrate additions.

A global trend in the food market involves reducing or eliminating preservatives. Concerning nitrates and nitrites, excessive exposure to these substances in our daily diet can pose health risks, prompting ANSES – the French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety, and the European Commission, at an international level, to recommend reducing or eliminating their consumption.

To address this public health issue, Lallemand Bio-Ingredients (LBI) and Lallemand Specialty Cultures (LSC), two business units within the Lallemand group, have combined their R&D efforts to create Natural Rose.

Natural Rose allows the development and stabilisation of colour in fermented and cooked charcuterie without the addition of nitrites and nitrates, thus avoiding the production of nitrosyl compounds that have adverse health effects. This innovation relies on the synergistic use of yeast extracts and selected cultures to provide an alternative to methods using nitrates and nitrites.

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