Warding off February food blues

February can be a rather dreary affair in many respects. However, the food and drink industry is not in the same position during this particular time of year. February allows us to get an overview of the new regulatory introductions from the beginning of the year as well, a good perspective on the year to […]


Sensient Flavors offers new range of mango flavours

Having analyzed the unique sensory attributes of the three most prized varieties of Indian mango – Alphonso, Kesar and Badami – Sensient Flavors has produced a range of natural mango flavorings. The base for these flavors is Sensient’s natural extracts, which are derived using proprietary technology. By applying classic flavor creation technology, the company has […]

New raw material for pink/violet shades

Wild Flavours has introduced a new raw material as a source for the pink/violet shade – the purple sweet potato. With the purple sweet potato containing anthocyanin, Wild can now provide a broader range of purple shades to meet the food and beverages industries’ demand for natural colours. Wild is always looking for new resources […]

Horizontal x-ray beam for beverage containers

Thermo Fisher Scientific has introduced Therme Scientific Xpert S400, a new x-ray system that has been specifically engineered to detect metal, glass, dense plastics and other foreign objects in tall profiles and vertically-oriented containers such as metal cans, plastic bottles, cartons and standup pouches. “The applications targeted by this new system represent 20-30% of the […]


New citrus oils for beverages

Treatt, a flavour and fragrance ingredients provider, is launching a range of TreattZest citrus oils that confer an authentic fresh, zesty profile. These concentrated products have enhanced solubility and offer low cost in use in an array of finished product applications. TreattZest oils are produced using highly selective extraction methods, which separate compounds based on […]

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Biocatalyst enzyme for superior tasting whey protein

Biocatalysts specialises in a wide variety of enzymes for the food industry. Included in this is its Promod range which is used for the modification and hydrolysis of food proteins. Promod 782MDP is the newest addition to this family of Biocatalysts enzymes and is used to decrease bitterness and produce superior tasting whey protein hydrolysates. […]

Flat top chains for beverage industry

Chain specialist iwis introduced its hardened, wear-resistant stainless steel flat top chains at this year’s Drinktec in Munich, Germany. Sold under the Flexon brand, the chains can be used for conveying bottle crates and returnable bottles. They are also surface-hardened with a special process to reduce wear and maintenance costs. Flat top chains consist of […]


FiE Preview: Cocoa powder range

At Food ingredients Europe, ADM Cocoa will highlight new additions to its deZaan cocoa powder range, including deZaan D11SQ and D-00-ZR. The deZaan D11SQ is an intensely flavoured, dark red-brown cocoa powder that confers a unique, rich cocoa flavour in low dosages. It is designed for use in a wide range of applications, including fine […]


Coconut milk powder offers natural flavour

Sternchemie has introduced SternCream, a spray-dried coconut milk powder that has a multitude of uses and offers many benefits for industry and large-scale food preparation. It can be used in wet and dry products, can easily be processed, and has a long shelf life. Its very high coconut milk content gives it a characteristic mild […]


New generation of carrageenans launched

Cargill’s texturising business today launched a new generation of refined carrageenans derived from cultivated seaweeds – offering a high-performance option for gelling, thickening and stabilising food products, with reduced sourcing risks. The market for wild red seaweeds, from which some carrageenans are traditionally derived, has become volatile and extremely tight in recent years. This is […]

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