Non-alcoholic indulgence

Sensient Flavors’ has launched a new line of flavours for cocktail inspired, carbonated soft drinks.

The new portfolio comprises a ‘classic line’ of well known cocktail specialities, a ‘seasonal selection’, a ‘medley of fruit explosions’ and, for those with a penchant for woody or smokey tasting drinks, there’s the ‘trip to the forest’ varieties.

“Soft drinks are a popular alternative to alcoholic beverages, especially during a night out,” comments Stefano Asti, technical director at Sensient Flavors Beverage Europe. “And, as demand for novel sensory experiences continues to rise, consumers are looking for something beyond the ordinary selection of soft drinks.

“Mocktails bridge this gap perfectly; they appeal to adults who are seeking outstanding and innovative taste sensations. In addition, owing to their sophisticated ingredient composition and flavour profiles, manufacturers can position these drinks in the premium segment.”

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