Lifting the lid

Stable Micro Systems has developed a rig to allow manufacturers of food tins and beverage cans to measure the force needed to lift the ring pull and open the container.

The perfect catch for seafood firm

Seasonal catches are the busiest time of the year for seafood processors so it’s imperative that packaging machinery left idle for long periods of time can be restored to action quickly and reliably, with the minimum of fuss, to help meet demand during these peak periods.


Interfood delivers new options in tumbling and injecting

‘Curing to Clipping’, one of eight dedicated divisions operated by Interfood Technology, offers a range of injecting, tenderising, tumbling and marinating equipment used by many of the major food processing companies throughout the UK and Ireland. Henneken has been manufacturing equipment for the meat industry for almost 40 years and specialises in the production of […]

The Brit pack

From bangers and mash and fish and chips to a traditional Sunday roast, there are many iconic British foods, but now Walkers and Heinz have teamed up to launch a range of crisps that might even out-British afternoon tea.

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