Mycotoxin survey results published

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has published the results of a survey looking at levels of mycotoxins in food. The majority of the samples tested contained levels of mycotoxins below the legal limits, and only one sample had mycotoxin above the legal EU limit. Overall, the results of the survey are reassuring and do not […]

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National Starch pushes new pulp

National Starch Food Innovation says its new starch-based solution Precisa Pulp 02 can be used in a variety of fruit-juice bases, including peach, apricot guava, pear, and mango. Highly functional as well as versatile, it offers manufacturers the opportunity to create cost-optimised beverages that appeal to consumer demand for exotic juice drinks, says the global […]

TreattSweet ‘smoothes out sweetness profile’

Flavour and ingredients firm Treatt has launched TreattSweet, an ingredient it claims ‘improves the sweetness and transforms the flavour’ of products sweetened with Stevia and other sweeteners. This product is a blend of all-natural essences that imparts desirable flavour and mouthfeel, while smoothing out the sweetness profile and undesirable lingering characteristics associated with certain sweeteners, […]

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Sports and energy drinks ‘star performers’ in 2010

The consumption of soft drinks in the UK grew in 2010 by 4.1 per cent in volume to reach 14,585 million litres, according to new research, while the value increased by 5.8 per cent to £14 million (€15m). This is the fastest annual rate of growth in the last seven years, as revealed by the […]


GRAS status for AstaPure

Algatechnologies’ natural astaxanthin product AstaPure has obtained GRAS (Generally Recognised As Safe) status from the FDA for use in food and beverages applications. “Our AstaPure brand has been successfully applied for several years as an active ingredient in dietary supplements, foods and beverages in Japan,” says Efrat Kat, director of marketing and sales at Algatechnologies. […]


Tetra Pak CPS joins forces with Johnsons Juices

Tetra Pak CPS has integrated a new single strength apple juice road tanker intake, bulk storage and distribution network at the Johnsons Juices UK site in Headcorn, Kent. The firm supplied Europe’s largest freshly squeezed juice manufacturer with a new 30,000-litre chill-jacketed vessel and a free issue 30,000-litre vessel with double seat valves, which it […]

M&S launches super juice for heart health

Marks & Spencer has launched a new juice drink which it claims will help health-conscious consumers to lower their cholesterol. The Red Grape, Blueberry and Blackcurrant Super Juice, which has just hit shelves in the UK, is boosted by the addition of PromOat, the oat beta glucan soluble fibre ingredient from Swedish company Biovelop AB. […]

Pepsi to buy majority stake in Wimm-Bill-Dann

Soft drinks maker PepsiCo has revealed that it’s buying a 66% stake in Wimm-Bill-Dann for £2.4 billion (€2.8bn). PepsiCo says it will also seek to buy the remaining shares in the Russian dairy and fruit juice maker when the initial deal is completed. The deal is the biggest foreign investment in Russia outside the energy […]

Natural binding system from WILD

Flavour firm WILD says its new ‘all-natural binding system’ based on juice concentrates creates crunchy cereal bars and contains no additives – making it the first that allows for clean labelling of such products. “Until now, manufacturers have had to use several additives when making cereal bars, and these commonly appeared on the label as […]

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Fruitapeel on target for multi-million first year turnover

A new juice facility that only started production five months ago is on target to turn over £12 million (€14.5m) in its first financial year, and set to launch a new brand aimed at the children’s market this month. Fruitapeel bought the factory and assets of SunJuice in Llantrisant, Wales, when the business went into […]

New core product

Food and beverage ingredients firm Döhler has unveiled what it is calling ‘a new generation of highly concentrated apple waterphase flavours’. “Flavour expertise and innovative technologies for the gentle concentration of waterphases make it possible to develop individual flavour profiles that can be reproduced again and again – which allows them to be produced in […]

Spearmint Treatt from flavour firm

Ingredients firm Treatt has unveiled its latest innovation – a spearmint flavour which it claims offers ‘leafy green flavours and imparts distinct Mojito-like topnotes’. Spearmint Treattarome 9764, says the manufacturer, provides flavourists and manufacturers with a sweeter alternative to conventional spearmint oil. Wholly distilled from Mentha spicata, the ingredients is a 100% natural FTNF (From […]

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Orange juice prices set to soar

The price of orange juice looks set to soar by up to a third after cold weather and disease hit citrus groves in Florida. The American state is one of the world’s main producers – and the problems it has experienced have already led to the price of concentrated juice doubling in a year. Supermarket […]

Coca Cola brews new ingredient

Green tea-flavoured Coca-Cola hit Japanese stores earlier this month. The drink, which contains catechins, leaves a slight green tea aftertaste and is aimed at health-conscious women in their 20s and 30s, according to the company. Coca Cola is the leader in Japan’s cola market but faces strong competition from non-carbonated bottled drinks such as tea, […]

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