Environmentally friendly paper from bran

Favini, the Italian paper manufacturer, and Barilla, an Italian food company, have teamed up to create Cartacrusca (Italian for ‘paper from bran’), the first paper to be made from brand residues that can no longer be used for human consumption. The research and development teams from both companies worked together to select the most suitable […]

IFEU life-cycle assessment compares impacts of long-life food packaging

In a life-cycle assessment carried out by the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research (IFEU), the environmental impacts of the main long-life food packaging solutions in current use have been compared. The results compared to food metal cans, glass jars, retortable pouches and plastic pots, the carton pack has the best environmental performance. Compared to […]

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True cost of Hospitality and Food Service waste revealed

Wrap, an organisation that helps businesses and individuals reduce waste, has recently published a report on the true cost of waste within the Hospitality and Food Service (HaFS) sector. Its findings reveal that each year, the sector in the UK serves over 8 billion meals and produces over 2.87 million tonnes of food and associated […]


Recycled PET bottle for functional fruit drink

PET packaging specialist APPE has worked with Oji and Hero to produce an environmentally friendly 100 per cent recycled PET (rPET) bottle for Oji’s ‘sustainable’ functional fruit drink. The Oji drinks are available in four variants featuring different fruits and health benefits. All contain caffeine from green coffee beans to provide a mild energy boost […]

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ADBA National Conference 2013

Echoing calls from Europe for discussion on the sustainable use of phosphorus, the Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas Association (ADBA) has announced ‘Can we afford not to recycle phosphates’ as the central theme of this year’s ADBA National Conference. Essential for worldwide food security, phosphorus supplies to Europe are dependent on a few exporting countries, global […]

New dispensing product for water enhancers

Last week at Drinktec, Aptar Food and Beverage unveiled Micro, a new standard dispensing product for water enhancers and liquid concentrates. A one-piece PP snap on closure, Micro uses an adapted SimpliSqueeze valve specifically developed to optimise performance of the flow control and the no-drip safety for out-of-home consumer use. A smaller version of Aptar’s […]

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Thinkthin portfolio to support sustainable labelling

Avery Dennison Label and Packaging Materials has introduced seven new ‘thin’ film and paper products that retain shelf impact while making premium food labels more sustainable through thinner label material constructions. Brands are making ever-stronger demands for waste reduction and more sustainable products, and the Avery Dennison ThinkThin range is aimed at label converters that […]

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New lightweight packaging for frozen ready meals

Intelligent Packaging Solutions (IPS) has recently launched Desto cup, a lightweight packaging format for frozen ready meals. In addition, the company has also secured a contract to manufacture and supply packaging for an own-label frozen ready meal range, which is available in stores across the UK. Although the pack was successfully launched into the chilled […]


Plastics plant hits recycling milestone

Continuum Recycling, the recycled-PET joint venture between Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) and Eco Plastics, has celebrated sorting a quarter of a billion bottles. The landmark comes some nine months after the UK facility was opened. Located on the site of ECO Plastics’ existing facility in Hemswell – itself the world’s largest plastics sorting plant – Continuum […]

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Plastics recycling targets ‘overstretched’

BPI Films has warned that increased plastics recycling targets will increase costs and damage existing recovery infrastructure

. The claim was made by BPI managing director Andrew Green at the launch of its new £2 million (€2.4m) co-extrusion line.  “We have absolutely no issue with stretching recycling targets. Indeed, as the largest recycler of polythene film […]


Prestigious green award for Continuum Recycling

Continuum Recycling – ECO Plastics’ joint venture with Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) – has been recognised at the Green Business Awards 2012. Sam Richardson, representing ECO Plastics, and CCE’s Patrick McGuirk accepted the Partnership Award given in recognition of Continuum’s impact on the domestic recycling sector, as well as for the partnership’s ongoing engagement with supply […]

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