2020 Upcoming Trends

Blueberries are one trend highlighted for 2020

As the new year gets underway, it’s a good time to look ahead and think about what the future holds for the food and drink world.

2020 upcoming blog trends seem to promise that not only will gluten free and healthy options be popular in 2020, but how we go about producing food will continue to evolve:

Plant-based flour (vegetable and legumes)

The number of people embracing a meat-free diet is going to keep growing.

One important way of incorporating additional plant-based protein into a vegan diet is through flours made from legumes and vegetables, according to Eurostar Commodities. Plant based flour is made from 100% ground vegetables or legumes and is used as a primary ingredient in breads, pizza bases, pancakes, cakes and more.

Smart Diets

People are going to keep investing in ways to make their diets unique.

Technology will enable consumers to be more individualised in how they tackle physical and mental health, says Mintel.

Such adoption is no longer a pie in the sky. Consumers are able to gain a better understanding of what makes them tick using health testing services, artificial intelligence-enabled apps, and increased personal data collection. Meanwhile, with consumers expected to live longer, many will want to learn how their diet can benefit long-term health.

Tapping into current tastes

Meat-free and plant-based innovations will make meat-free more accessible, according to EHL Ingredients.

Popular foods such as pizzas, burgers, kebabs, grilled and fried foods, are becoming available in meat-free formats to address consumers choosing to eat meat-free for health and environmental reasons.

Expect more in the form of ingredients like jackfruit, tempeh, seitan, and plant-based meat replacements in 2020 says Tasneem Alonzo, joint managing director at EHL Ingredients.

He adds foods such as vegan paté or ‘faux-gras’, veggie black pudding, meat-free pies, pasties, sausages and plant-based burgers will be in demand during this year.

A blue day has dawned

Firmenich has announced ‘Classic Blueberry’ as the flavour of the year for 2020, due to “What’s classic is new again,” says Emmanuel Butstraen, president, Firmenich Flavors.

Consumers are familiar with blue through blue berries and their link with well-being.

The colour plays well to experimentation with food and drink as consumers are more inclined to try something unfamiliar to them, such as kombucha or a cashew yogurt, if it’s flavoured in a way they can connect with on an emotional level.

Seeking adventure

Kerry’s taste trends finds sweet chili and soy sauce are no longer the flavours that consumers look to for authenticity of Asian food, and specific profiles such as palm sugar and sweet basil can deliver the nostalgia of Thailand, with tamari, nori and miso allowing them to recreate the Japanese experience.

We are now seeing, for example, alcohol flavours such as tequila and Cointreau in sweet categories, and bakery-inspired flavours such as brownie and red velvet in dairy beverages, says Leigh Anne Vaughan, global strategic marketing director for taste. She says there is “endless room” for innovation in this space as manufacturers can draw inspiration rethinking how mainstream flavours are applied in new categories.

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