Sweets of gold

Sweets of gold

The time has come for us to visit the supplier trade fair of the sweets and snacks industry, ProSweets Cologne.

We’re expecting a variety of ingredients, the latest machines and materials alongside innovative production technologies

Thanks to the themes of quality, efficiency and sustainability, plenty of exhibitors will demonstrate traditional processes such as wrapping to intelligent solutions for maximising the efficiency of film and sugar coating processes.

Intelligence will figure heavily and it will be interesting to see how technology is evolving to areas such as artificial intelligence on one hand to visual product testing for foreign bodies contained inside a product on the other.

Keeping up with the trends of the market means utilising fully-automated processing and packing machines that are easy to operate, clean and service. It has to be possible to call up all raw materials and recipe data at any time. Flexible modular systems that are tailor-made to the process are the order of the day – and will be a key focus at this exhibition.

Some food for thought will alsoncome in the form of:

  • Food reformulation. It is more topical than ever. Reductions of fat, sugar and salt are in vogue, as is the interest in alternatives to animal products or protein enrichment. However, changing a recipe component affects the properties of the product. Solutions are required to provide the customer with sensory quality, texture and taste. Visitors to – The Guided Tours DLG, taking place in halle 10.1, booth No. F008 – will get the opportunity to explore possible alternatives, discover the limits of reformulation and reduction as well as lean what is important to in handling new ingredients
  • Tailor-made solutions for portioning and shaping of snacks, fine bakery products and sweets as well as for protein and fruit bars
  • Reliable, automated and quickly convertible production lines for changeovers
  • This year’s Function meets Design special event
  • Speakers Corner format
  • Ingredients leading to healthy sweets and snacks via alternatives for sugar and in some instances incorporating plant fibres to reduce calories while simultaneously improving mouthfeel, creaminess and texture. 

From 2 to 5 February 2020, the visitors of ProSweets Cologne can gain an accurate picture of the innovations the suppliers are introducing to meet the many demands of the sweets and snacks industry. 

Enjoy the exhibition.

Bell Publishing has a booth in Hall 10.1 | Stand B021 – please pop by and say hello.


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