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I was invited to Holland & Barrett’s first dedicated Food and Drink Showcase last week. 

In its bid to shed its old skin, Holland & Barrett is embracing the food-to-go market to attract the health-conscious consumer and take advantage of the popularity of the current -isms.

The purpose of the showcase was to interact with the people behind the brands, alongside talking to the businesses about ways to keep innovating in a highly competitive sector.

The event also gave us a chance to explore a vast variety of specialised products to see what smaller scale producers have to offer. 

The showcase certainly highlighted a flexitarianist approach where you can adopt elements of veganism for a more flexible approach to ethical eating.

Sleep optimisation, mindful drinking and healthy nutrition took centre stage – from craft honeys and coffee to alcohol-free drinks, vegan snacking and Easter treats. Brands in attendance (and this is by no means an exhaustive list) included:

  • Eloments with its natural vitamin tea
  • Nix and Kix natural, low calorie, sugar free vegan adult soft drinks with Cayenne
  • ISH low alcohol gin and rum
  • Nomo vegan chocolate
  • Roastworks coffee
  • Doisy & Dam ethical chocolate from buttons to eggs
  • Cheesies snacks
  • Other Foods’ sustainably sourced savoury mushrooms
  • Karma Bites popped snacks
  • Kolibr CBD infused drinks –  Dark Forest and Kolibri CBD Citrus Grove.
  • Hatters Hemp Tea
  • Divine Chocolate Easter eggs

There were many different, exciting and inspiring tastes from the brands on show with just as many unique stories of how product ideas became a reality and individual specialised manufacturing processes were shaped.  

It will be very interesting to see if this offering attracts the younger, ethically conscious crowd Holland & Barrett seeks.

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