Coming together

Well, we’re in lockdown now. The Prime Minister has imposed unprecedented restrictions on people’s movements, which will be enforced through the police to grapple with the coronavirus pandemic.

In a historic address to the nation, Boris Johnson revealed that people would only be allowed to leave their home for “very limited purposes” including shopping for basic necessities “as infrequently as possible”, medical needs, essential work needs and for “one form of exercise a day”. Suddenly, the UK has completely changed. Coronavirus has thrust Britain into the spotlight.

It’s less straightforward to deal with this current situation as many businesses have to prepare for what is coming. When we’re hearing don’t go out, the bars, restaurants and many other establishments are closed, trade for these businesses will disappear overnight.

However, the one thing that does shine out is the sense of community that has sprung up. Many are pulling together to help the supply lines running. I imagine what this is what it felt like during the war years, trying to help each other and doing things for the greater good.

The consequences are unfathomable at present. We will see in the coming months whether all the actions taken can bring us back to some degree of normality.

There will be few if any winners. Some businesses are better developed than others, but business models will be severely tested – some will adapt, some will fare better than others.

While I’m a work-at-home-a-phile, I’d still like to have a beer or wine in less familiar surroundings than at home. Seeing the all too familiar face masks is a constant reminder of our testing times.

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