Flexibility and sustainability in harmony

Day two at drinktec and flexibility and sustainability in production loom large. These are not new, however given the times they are more than appropriate. It was pointed out that since Covid, the challenges businesses face have compounded. What comes next is the question. Work together and we can solve them, is the answer.

Furthermore, as today’s consumers demand products that are delivered quickly, the need for flexibility in the manufacturing process becomes one of the biggest challenges in the beverage industry.

To a stand, virtually, suppliers are showing not just ranges of technologies but also telling us how they are working collaboratively with partners so that beverage makers can maximise the productive hours of work in the overall manufacturing process.

Manufacturers in the beverage sectors have little choice to adapt production methods to stay competitive – and look after the envWhy is this important? Because finding the balance between flexibility, and sustainability is key. Understanding this will help manufacturers maximise their business potential in rapidly growing market sectors.

The challenge remains to integrate an increasing number of functions into solutions that are sustainable.

There’s a tremendous amount going on and it’s a matter of wait and see. After all, many new ideas have bypassed predicted development times. The recommendation from the beverage industry is: Keep up with the times and keep a watchful eye on smart-factory developments in order to ensure you don’t miss out on competitive disadvantages because you were late to integrate new solutions offering enhanced flexibility and efficiency advantages.

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