Pain and some gain?

Two days to go and UK citizens will finally hear what they have been fearing: taxes up, and massive spending cuts across Government departments.

The guts of what’s coming has been trailed but it does little to comfort analysis from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) that food and drink service firms were more likely than any other sector to cut opening hours to deal with increases in energy bills.

And a new survey by British Chambers of Commerce has revealed that almost half of small and medium-sized firms will face difficulty paying their energy bills when Government support ends, research suggests.

The Autumn statement aside, it’s time for government leaders to listen to businesses so they deliver certainty about what life will be like post-austerity 2.0

Energy costs are one of many business concerns as well as business rates, training and upskilling initiatives to boost productivity.

Words aren’t enough now. Ideas for growth is what we want to see in addition to action to provide stability.

Sort out a trade agreement with Europe alongside single market access and frictionless trade.

With Brexit, we were told the UK has a golden opportunity to expand into new markets around the world. Well, government has its own opportunity to work with businesses on a plan for sustainable growth.

Many have made up their minds about 17 November and don’t expect the Chancellor to acknowledge their wishlist.

Personally, I believe the time has come to put differences aside, make good on promises and set a course that benefits all.

No one asked for such mismanagement, and waste.

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