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New research commissioned by Glebe Farm research commissioned by Glebe Farm suggests the number of people conscious of their gut health is on the rise. The research, carried out with 2,000 UK adults, reveals that over half of adults (58%) want to improve their gut health and 42% say that they are taking active steps to do so. Additionally, almost half (45%) are doing significantly more to support their immune system, and a number are following a ‘flexitarian’ diet with reduced consumption of meat (26%) and dairy (13%).

Phil Rayner, co-owner and managing director of Glebe Farm, said it’s evident that people are “increasingly aware about what food and drink switches they can make in order to feel better physically and mentally”.

The research also focused on the growing popularity of dairy-free alternatives to milk. Of the 42% now buying these products, oat drinks are the most popular – chosen by 38%. Phil Rayner acknowledges that gut health as one of the key drivers, showing the importance of ensuring gluten and dairy free choices are accessible wherever people are – whether in retail or hospitality environments.”

Digestive health is big business. As health maintenance – over just treating symptoms – has gained in importance for an increasingly health-conscious and mindful consumer base, gut health has appeared as a key trend.

Consumers across markets have different consideration factors when buying products – health claims, product efficacy, and product benefits to name three. This means that manufacturers cannot lose sight of the main draw of such products – and how well they address consumers’ health needs.

More consumers are becoming familiar with the benefits of gut health products and perceive them as a natural health product. While consumers are becoming more interested in food and drink that provide health benefits, manufacturers will need to do more to educate sceptical consumers about their benefits for gut health.

As consumers are taking such a proactive approach to their health, they are also doing more research into foods and ingredients. Manufacturers can help consumers build their understanding of gut health products through education on the importance of strong gut health.

There is clear space to support consumers and their health journey with extensively-researched products. Increasing awareness about immune and gut health will continue to drive the gut health market with consumers taking a prevention-over-cure approach to their health, meaning they will search for ways to incorporate trending ingredients like probiotics into their diets to support their health.

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