Rodney Jack


A seasonal perspective

Nutrition experts at have explored the benefits of eating seasonally and shared what foods we should be eating this season.

Gut a feeling

Manufacturers cannot lose sight of the main draw of gut health products – and how well they address consumers’ health needs.

Big on ambition

Data will play a more important role in food production growth but how can those who use it understand how data is handled and how to trust it?

Active ingredient

Bakery businesses could be a major beneficiary of a networked ingredients marketplace called TraceGains. Rodney Jack hears more from founder Gary Nowacki about the company: what they do; achieving visibility and productivity through collaboration; overcoming today’s supply chain challenges; and bringing people and ingredient data together in new ways to achieve business agility

Problem solved?

Well, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has brokered a UK-EU agreement intended to make trade between Great Britain and Northern Ireland flow more easily. The food and drink industry’s representatives have been understandably cautious.

From bar to boardroom: women in the drinks industry

Despite an equal gender distribution across entry level positions, women make up less than 25 per cent of executive roles in the food and drink industry. As a sector leader with over 20 years of MD/CEO experience, Dannie Dannie McDonald, managing director of luxury drinks brand Gunner Cocktails, tells Rodney Jack of her journey from pulling pints to running a global drinks brand

The ABC of CBD

The FSA published its list of food products containing cannabidiol (CBD) that enables these to be retailed as novel food. Is this the difference-maker industry needs?


Deep inflation

Inflation has increased sharply in recent months in many countries around the world compounded by supply chain problems and the rising price of energy. 

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