Rodney Jack


Sobering thought

Last year only two thirds of consumers had even heard of non-alcoholic beer, now that figure is 3-in-4. Awareness of non-alcoholic spirits and wine has also grown significantly.

A new gin-eration

75% of Britons said they prefer to always, or mostly, drink in the comfort of their own home.

Normality resumes

Even with the lockdown lifted in part, 2020 seems to have changed consumers on a longer-term basis and their preference to cook at home.

Covid’s lasting impact

A telling survey of 5,000 consumers by EIT Food across ten European countries identifies people’s shopping behaviours.

Direct connection

Food and beverage brands will have to find a way to embrace the direct-to-consumer business and appeal to consumers as this trend continues to evolve.

Time for action

Food and drink businesses have suffered a major impact on sales and forecasts with the resulting knock-on effect on their cash flow and budgets.

Food and Drink Technology