Rodney Jack


Deep inflation

Inflation has increased sharply in recent months in many countries around the world compounded by supply chain problems and the rising price of energy. 

All you can sweet

ISM kicked off last weekend with the leading trade fair presenting the latest trends and new products for the sweets and snack sector. As you would expect, a full spectrum of categories – from plant-based to immune-boosting and full of energy products – was on show.

Perfect harmony?

Coca Cola’s new packaging across the entire range of drinks, along with a brand new flavour, Mocha, is causing a bit of debate online.

Shop and go

A trial store with no tills allows customers to complete their shop without scanning a single product, or having to go through a checkout. Can it help food and drink makers?

Festive feasts

In the week of Christmas and leading up to the New Year, we’re bringing you more on some of the festive treats available.

Putting words in our mouths

Researchers gathering data on consumers’ understanding of health claims and their preferences provides critical insights for food manufacturers, retailers and marketers to communicate more effectively about the health benefits of foods and drinks.


Editor’s Christmas half dozen

It’s always challenging to pick through all the great end-products that we receive information on. Quite frankly, there are usually a lot of great products left on the table. So, we’re creating an Editor’s half dozen list of end-products we believe sum up Christmas 2021.

Nosing ahead

Researchers will use innovative technologies and flavour chemistry to help food manufacturers develop new sustainable products to entice consumers.

Far from copping out

People are making more informed choices, and are aware of how these decisions impact the planet but what goes unnoticed is how much the food and beverage industry does to fix food systems.

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