Food Ingredients Europe returns with a buzz

Today (6 December), Food Ingredients Europe, the ingredients trade fair, takes place in a new, and I must say, welcoming venue.

At this early stage, the choice of a new venue may have paid off if the crowds waiting to get in is anything to go by.

Personally, it’s good to see the year ending well. The organisers have succeeded in reaching out to trade customers – and helping suppliers conduct good business.

From my first few visits to exhibitors they have stressed how relevant the exhibition is, simply because they can reach essential target groups.

The new venue appears to be contributing to more time and quietness for talks with customers and for a very professional atmosphere.

I clearly noticed this during talks with exhibitors. I also note that attendees and exhibitors alike appreciated the opportunity for face-to-face interactions. I think that people are excited to be out – there’s a flow of traffic, which is a big deal for all these businesses currently. The economy needs food ingredients to progress and to keep going. There’s a real economic need for this market’s creativity and new concepts.

While the opening of FIE comes at a time of challenges and hurdles, it is a beacon of hope in the struggling world economy facing inflation, supply chain disruptions and logistics hurdles.

FIE is certainly grabbing visitors’ attention for the right reasons.


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