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And so another Anuga FoodTec comes to a close. Four days, innumerable steps, and plenty of exhibition hall food. But, we’re wiser for it.

Many exhibitors would agree that although the halls didn’t see the bustling aisles of years past, they had the opportunity to present plenty of international visitors with everything from individual process systems to complete production lines.

Across the four full days of the exhibition, Food & Drink Technology learnt many things:

  • Live demonstrations give visitors the ability to explore different options and help potential customers understand optimal production processes.
  • Booth design welcomes visitors and helps them to discover the technological solutions that exhibitors offer.
  • Processing systems must be scalable and flexible, in order to process new ingredients and raw materials.
  • The goal of sustainably redesigning the food and beverage industries was ever present – and its importance was made clear at virtually every stand myself and colleague, Louis Hird, visited. All the more important for exhibitors to promote equipment that is appropriate for this task.
  • Automation will maximise hygiene, which is a fundamental requirement in the industry and in terms of consumer safety and product shelf life.
  • Cooperation between the food processing industry and robotics is developing apace – Stäubli and Kronen developed a unique solution for cutting, pitting and peeling avocados.
  • An emission-free factory has become reality. Stand up Tummers who proudly showcased its concept to all visitors of Anuga FoodTec.
  • Vertical farming is a model for the future
  • Integrated augmented reality functionality supports and delivers flexibility and agility.
  • We learnt a hell of a lot about French fries processing from Tna Solutions, who unveiled its new hydro-cutting system. The tna conti cut with “switcher” technology boosts capacity, efficiency and uptime.
  • Packaging’s focus is on modular, digital, robot-based packaging machines and lines.

These overarching themes reflected the industry’s collective commitment to responsible production practices and efficiently using resources, setting the stage for an exhibition that for all said and done, and for however mature you deem it, still marvels every time you visit. It’s filled with groundbreaking and transformative innovations – and long may it stay that way.

A big thank you to everyone who contributed to the brilliant four days. We look forward to even more innovations in 2024.

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