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It is great to see the latest ad from Morrisons promoting fresh food. One of my preferred stores, because of the fresh aspect, the supermarket has created a TV ad featuring conversations between Morrisons’ colleagues and customers over the decades capturing the changing fashions, hairstyles and food trends.

Morrisons is celebrating 125 years since its founder William Morrison first started the business as a market stall in Bradford in the ad, which aired on Monday 17th June during 24 hrs in A&E on Channel 4.

The 40 second ‘Over the counter, over the years’ ad, created with agency Leo Burnett, shows that while a lot has evolved in customers’ lives since 1899, the passion for Morrisons great quality fresh food has remained.

Morrisons says its Market Street heritage is clear to see in stores up and down the country as skilled butchers, fishmongers, bakers, cheesemongers and deli colleagues proudly make and serve customers fresh food every day.

For those who haven’t seen it, the ad begins at the original Bradford market stall, with a customer purchasing local eggs. Then, with each cut, the film jumps through time to a new decade continuing the conversation between the customer and the colleague while also capturing the fashion, hairstyle and food choice trends of each era.

Colleagues’ uniforms evolve from white overcoats to red bow ties and boaters while customers start out shopping in hats and change into brown sheepskin jackets and shell-suits.

Throughout the ad, customers are seen buying fresh British food including mature British cheddar, sliced loaves, freshly caught and filleted fish and British Sirloin steaks before the ad finishes with a customer purchasing doughnuts from a modern-day Market Street counter.

Retro recipes from each decade of the past 125 years will also be shared across Morrisons social channels, website and blog.

I love this. Using social media to post product information and also post attractive food presentations and dishes plays a significant role in promoting fresh food. By emphasising the attractive aspects of fresh food, marketers can influence consumer perception and increase interest in its consumption.

Rami Baitiéh, Morrisons CEO, notes Morrisons’ foundations of selling quality British food for 125 years.

“A lot has evolved during that time and we have gone from a single market stall to having our famous Market Street counters with skilled colleagues such as our butchers, fishmongers, and bakers in our stores nationwide.”

Mark Elwood, chief creative officer, the ad agency Leo Burnett UK, sums up Morrisons advantage that as other supermarkets have shut their fresh food counters, Morrisons Market Street is still going strong.

“Their commitment to fresh food, value and service to their customers is in their DNA. Bread made and baked fresh in-store. Fresh fish filleted so you don’t have to faff. Just the right amount of fresh minced beef for your mid-week spag-bol, all served with smiles and advice. 125 years of values and value still going strong. A compelling reason to shop at Morrisons.”

Consumers want information about what they are eating, and it’s up to the industry to make sure what they are finding is correct and beneficial. The modern consumer is curious about what they are eating and they will use the tools at their disposal to find it.

The key is making it a consistent message across all different media: product packaging, signage, the circular and all those digital resources have to speak with the same voice.

Morrisons should be praised for putting together a cohesive message of selling good, quality food to consumers across media platforms.

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