Fruit and nut efficiency

Fruit and nut efficiency

A 14 head Ishida CCW-R multihead weigher is enabling German fruit and nut snack specialist Farmer’s Snack meet increasing demand for pocket sized packs.

The multihead weigher forms the core element of a new packing line, installed by Farmer’s Snack after winning a major contract from a discount retailer. The line primarily handles the weighing and filling of pocket sized bags with a fill weight of 40g, but is also able to pack 150g flat bags.

The weigher meets specifications with regard to speed and can process up to 140 bags per minute. Maximum weighing accuracy is 0.1g and the standard deviation (weighing consistency) for a filled bag is well below 1g.

“Compared with our other multihead weighers those are particularly good figures, which we can achieve with just a few adjustments,” says Boie Karstens, a member of the management team at Farmer’s Snack. “We were also pleasantly surprised by how well the weighing of sticky snacks works.”

He expects the multihead weigher, which operates in two- or three-shift mode, to pay for itself within three years.

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