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September 2012

Articles in this issue include a look behind the scenes at a top European supplier of processed fruit, the street food trend and a step by step guide to food hygiene.

July/August 2012

Articles in this issue include a look at the latest technology for new beverages, the success of confectioners through the years, and a look at the hazards of chemical contamination.

June 2012

A taste for technology From humble beginnings, Sensient Technologies has become a flavour and ingredients phenomenon. Here, CEO Kenneth Manning reveals the secrets the secrets of the company’s rise to success. New nuggets of knowledge Low fat, deep frozen snacks with a coating that stays crispy when microwaved may sound like an impossibility. But the […]

May 2012

All the glitters Following recent media attention on an edible cake glitter, Sandra Cox, of Cornelius Group, sets the record straight Ratty’s refections Richard Ratcliffe works the room at this year’s Foodex Don’t get knocked for six The latest BRC Global Standard for Food Safety contains a number of significant changes, as Richard Leathers and […]

April 2012

The pressure’s on (HPP, that is) The need for new processing and preservation techniques has never been greater. Campden BRI experts Craig Leadley and Edyta Margas explain. Time to lighten up What does the future hold for plastic milk bottle packaging? James Crick, business development director at Nampak Plastics, reveals all. Good health Vitafoods Europe […]

March 2012

Ratty’s reflections As Queen Elizabeth II prepares to commemorate her Diamond Jubilee, Richard Ratcliffe turns back the clock Running scared Food safety expert James Cook reveals the questions most frequently asked of a third-party laboratory…and the answers. How to avoid fallout from frozen asset  Cold storage plays an essential part in food manufacture but downtime […]

February 2012

Farmers square up for EU cage fight 1 January this year signalled a new era in egg production as a ban against the use of battery farm cages came into force. However, 13 out of 27 EU member states have refused to make the necessary changes. Time to turn over a new leaf? Just weeks […]

December 2011/January 2012

Ratty’s reflections Richard Ratcliffe looks back at the last 12 months, and to the future… Microsopy When it comes to dealing with foreign body incidents, it’s important to act quickly, but not overreact, says Dr Mike Edwards. Preservatives Why changing consumer attitudes towards synthetic and natural additives is both a driver and a barrier for […]

November 2011

Sweeteners Will stevia live up to the hype? Having gained EU approval, food innovation consultant Alice Pegg goes in the search of the answer to the all-important question. You batter believe it New research projects at Campden BRI are helping to shed light on the functionality of bakery ingredients. Dr Sarab Sahi explains. Regulatory update  […]

October 2011

Rattys’s reflections Industry stalwart Richard Ratcliffe offers an inimitable view on an array of industry topics. This month, it’s sausages… The eyes have it In a never-ending quest for commercial success, product benchmarking and consumer research have never been more important. Janetta Hylands, of Campden BRI explains. Spicing up school dinners Herb and spice company […]

September 2011

Revealing the power of perception Cindy Beeren, head of sensory and consumer at Leatherhead Food Research, examines the various influences of consumer purchasing. Staying powder Bénédicte Pascalie, marketing manager for Cargill Flavour Systems, explains the thinking behind the company’s latest flavour concept… A net of complex issues The Food and Drink Federation’s director of sustainability […]

July/August 2011

‘We believe in treading lightly on the planet’ Michelle Maynard reveals why UK brewery Adnams is raising a glass to energy efficiency. The formulation factor Wayne Morley, head of food innovation at Leatherhead Food Research, offers a step-by-step guide to emulsions and emulsifiers. A picture of health Rising consumer interest in health and naturalness is […]

June 2011

Rising to the risk management challenge With allergen issues responsible for 60 per cent of all supermarket recalls, proper management is vital. Adjusting to new legislation Joy Hardings explores the complex key provisions of EU regulation 1334/2008. Closing the deal Closures play a large role in building brand loyalty, says Chris Ramsey, innovation manager at […]

May 2011

Waiting in the wings Abigail Birch, innovation manager of RSSL’s product and ingredient innovation division, ask whether European approval of stevia will open the door to other intense sweeteners. Room for improvement  John Holah and Alicja Malinowska, of Campden BRI, explain the pros and cons of whole room disinfection. No corner cutting for Müller Dairy […]