INGREDIENTS NEWS: Study backs new cranberry research

A new study has identified that the anti-adhesion mechanism in cranberry helps to prevent infections in the urinary tract. The study conducted in Massachusetts at Worcester Polytechnic Institute found that cranberry juice worked by changing the thermo- dynamic properties of bacteria common in urinary tract infections. The increase in surface free energy implies cranberries also […]


PACKAGING NEWS: Wool pack is cool

A range of green packaging and mail order food boxes has been developed using British wool as natural insulation. The Woolcool boxes keep farm fresh produce chilled below 5°C for a minimum of 24 hours and are suitable for frozen foods. Award winning Angela Morris came up with the idea as an environmentally friendly alternative […]


HANDLING NEWS: Locally sourced and delivered to the door in conjunction with Bank Farm, based in Aldington, Kent have come up with a novel idea – source it locally, make it special and deliver it. What makes Foodari Direct different is that it offers superior quality local produce, together with kitchen cupboard essentials, all for great value. Although it is localised to Kent […]


Cadbury reports good performance

Third quarter results reveal that revenues in Europe were 4% up. And the company expects strong profit growth to continue for the rest of the year… Overall, gum performed well in difficult market conditions, driven by market share gains in France, northern Europe and Russia. Integration of the recent Intergum acquisition in Turkey has progressed […]

GM soya approval but warning lights for animal feed shortage

The Agricultural Industries Confederation has welcomed the approval of a new genetically modified (GM) soya as a step in the right direction, but remains concerned about future shortages of protein for animal feed in the European Union. The leading voice for the UK’s agricultural supply industry has echoed the concerns of the European Feed Manufacturers […]

Eurozone driving growth in food and drink exports

The Eurozone may be slipping towards a recession but UK food and drink exporters are bucking the trend and finding significant business opportunities in the area. In the first quarter of 2008, UK food and drink exports continued to soar, up 13.2% on the same period in 2007 to reach a record-breaking £2,892.2 million, highlighting […]


Tate & Lyle trading on target

Tate & Lyle has issued a trading update for the six months ending September 2008 ahead of the announcement of the interim results due in November 2008 in light of the board change announcement. Iain Ferguson, chief executive, said,“The Group continues to trade satisfactorily. We expect profits from the Group’s continuing operations in the first […]

PROCESSING NEWS: Change of name for CPS

UK-based company Carlisle Process Systems has changed its trading name to Tetra Pak CPS, following its takeover by globally based packaging Tetra Pak. Tetra Pak CPS – a supplier of dairy, food and beverage equipment – will continue to trade from the existing Sherborne site. The name change will make no difference to the service […]


INGREDIENTS NEWS: Organic chocolate made to measure

Tailor-made organic chocolate offers manufacturers an innovative, customised solution to respond to increasing consumer demand for a wider range of organic products. Organically grown, the cocoa beans are processed by ADM Cocoa at its plant in Hull and the resulting cocoa products are then transported to ADM Classic in Liverpool, where the chocolate is manufactured. […]


UK poultry company sold to Brazil

Moy Park, the largest integrated poultry company in the UK, has been sold to the Brazilian company Marfrig. From its base in County Armagh, Northern Ireland, Moy Park run farming and processing operations throughout the UK, including a state of the art flagship plant at Anwick in Lincolnshire. The sale, which is part of a […]


Environmental achievements for seafood and drinks

Two food and drink manufacturers have made it through to this year’s finals of the prestigious Business Commitment to the Environment (BCE) Environmental Leadership Awards. The nominations, demonstrating the sector’s continually improving performance in the area, are for Young’s Seafood and Innocent Drinks. Young’s Seafood entry is its ‘Fish for Life’ project, which is dedicated […]

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INGREDIENTS NEWS: Cargill launches new jelly ice

Cargill has launched a new jelly ice on a stick concept designed to appeal to both children and adults alike. The unusual texture of the water ice owes to its ‘chewy creamy’ appeal and confection – like mouthfeel to Cargill’s Lygomme FZ 615 functional system. This stabiliser system allows a water ice mixture to be […]

Introducing high value kiwifruit extracts

VITAFOODS: Kiwifruit Extract Ventures, a leading kiwifruit grower and processor has launched a range of high potency kiwifruit compounds. An excellent vegetarian source of omega-3, K-antiOx, a powerful antioxidant and K-FD, which is high in dietary fibre, vitamin C and K, all offer significant benefits to dietary supplement manufacturers that are looking for enhanced performance […]