CKF develops robot palletising cell


CKF Systems has developed a range of cost effective robot handling cells designed for those businesses currently operating a manual palletising line.

The AC25, a direct replacement for existing manual operations, is described as exceptionally easy to install and operate and, at a cost of £80,000, will typically provide a payback in under two years.

“Our objective was to design a low cost robot palletising cell that can be installed as a standalone operation or combined for multiple feeds with a common discharge into secondary palletising operations such as spiral wrappers or pallet stacking,” explains Kevin Staines, sales director, CKF Systems. “All aspects of the cell are based on proven technologies and utilise user friendly interfaces for both operatives and engineers. The operational simplicity of this palletising cell means that we have addressed one of the biggest concerns of those SMEs still resistant to change; that their businesses are unprepared for the complexities of automation.”

A typical manual palletising line is, by its very nature, a labour intensive handling operation with inherent limitations in respect of box sizes, weight and restricted flow rates. The AC25 will operate at 15 cases per minute and, unlike a human operative, is not compromised by the introduction of layer cards or heavy boxes. Furthermore, current legislation restricts the maximum unit weight that an operative can lift and also defines the maximum achievable stack height on a pallet. The AC25 Robot Palletising Cell has none of these limitations, its versatility includes increased stack heights that provide better trailer utilisation, reducing transportation costs and therefore providing a subsequent environmental benefit.

Manufactured in the UK, the cell utilises an ABB 4-axis robot and industry standard equipment and comes with full support, including training and spares, a 12-month warranty and the option for a range of add-on features. It is capable of handling cases with dimensions of up to 400mm long x 300mm wide x 250mm high and a net weight of 25kg.

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