Wenlock Spring to use 50% rPET in its plastic bottles

Bottled water brand Wenlock Spring has announced that it will be including British recycled plastic (rPET) in the manufacturing of its plastic (PET) bottles.

Initially starting with 25% rPET in its current bottles, 50% will be introduced in Q1 2018. This is a major step forward for the environmentally friendly water bottler.

Currently, the UK has a limited supply of rPET – Brits are simply not recycling enough. However, change is coming through a number of high profile campaigns.

The 2020 Plastics Challenge, the potential Deposit Return Scheme, BBC’s Blue Planet and the EU’s ‘Our Ocean Summit’ have brought the issue higher up the political, economic and social agenda.

Speaking live at the summit, HRH Prince of Wales, urged the industry to “recover, recycle, reuse instead of create, use and then throw away.”

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