New ‘plug and play’ pilot plant for separation success

A new membrane filtration pilot plant, together with a team of specialist engineers, is helping manufacturers develop and optimise their separation processes utilising Microfiltration (MF) and Ultrafiltration  (UF) technologies, according to developer Axium Process.

The firm says that pilot plant separation studies help to determine process feasibility, plant design and economics at an early stage, and can give an accurate model of what a full-scale commercial plant could achieve.

“The new mobile pilot plant has been designed to  be ‘plug and play’ and can easily integrate into an existing production plant, minimising the set up time for companies wishing to conduct trials at their own site,” says a spokesman for Axium Process. “The plant, which can be equipped with multiple interchangeable full-scale membrane modules including tubular, spiral, ceramic or hollow-fibre options, uses sophisticated data collection software and digital IO-Link instrumentation enabling an accurate and detailed representation of the physical separation/concentration level achievable from the feed taken from a representative process stream.”

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