Siemens secures productivity contract with Boortmalt Group

Siemens Digital Industries has secured a major international productivity and technology program with malt manufacturer, Boortmalt Group.

The digital programme is designed to reduce costs by up to 30% across the business.

Boormalt also has ambitions to reduce their water consumption by 50% by 2025, and reduce carbon emissions by 60% by 2030. Both targets will be reached by deploying state of the art tech and boosting productivity.

Siemens will conduct an audit of Boortmalts’ Malton facility in North Yorkshire, analysing its utility consumption, raw material usage, machine performance and production processes which are key cost areas in the large-scale manufacture of malt.

The North Yorkshire site produces more than 50,000 tonnes of malt every year and exports its products across the world.

Siemens is also working towards a range of targets and the deal is underpinned by a tailored innovative commercial model that de-risks financial performance metrics.

Peter Nallen, chief operating officer at Boortmalt, said: “From a commercial, environmental and competitiveness perspective Boortmalt is totally committed to delivering value to their customers. We think we can make a great product for our customers and improve our productivity at the same time so it’s a win-win.

“Siemens’ track record in this area, combined with its de-risked financing capital investment model means we can achieve Boortmalt’s sustainability strategy with confidence.”

Brian Holliday, managing director of Siemens Digital Industries, said: “We employ a range of investigative and digital tools to work with our customers and have found that manufacturers like Boortmalt can achieve productivity improvement and reduced cost whilst lowering their carbon footprint when we co-create solutions.

“We also aim to add more value than traditional technology suppliers though our risk-based approach and I’m looking forward to working with Peter and his team to help unlock the next stage of improvements in Boortmalt’s excellence journey.”

Michael S Blair, business transformation manager at Siemens Digital Industries added: “This new revolutionary partnership will deliver disruptive business benefits to Boortmalt as we move into a new digital world. We are looking forward to the collaboration which is just the start of a positive journey for both of our businesses.”

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