K+G Wetter to unveil new bowl cutter series

K+G Wetter to unveil new bowl cutter series

K+G Wetter, a manufacturer of meat-processing machinery, is presenting its new Vacuum Cutmix industrial bowl cutter series at this year’s IFFA.

Elements from the previous series have been retained, such as the raised bowl edge, variable cutting chamber with baffle plate, as well as the temperature sensor directly in the cutting chamber.

With the aim of raising hygiene standards in its new series, K+G Wetter had added knife and noise protection covers to form the vacuum area, replacing the previous vacuum hood. This means the lid can be opened much faster, enabling faster loading and unloading of the bowl cutter.

Removing the need for a seal between the bowl and vessel also increases hygiene standards. As there are no seals, they are protected from contamination, no products can settle and complicate cleaning, and there is no need for maintenance. For easy, quick and safe cleaning of the boiler room, there are two openings under the cutter bowl.

Together with the convincing performance strength, the new series provides high quality cutting results for boiled, cooked and raw sausages, as well as for other applications.

For optimum cleanliness, the control cabinet is integrated directly into the new industrial bowl cutter. This eliminates the need for additional cabling, which is difficult to clean and can become a hygiene risk.

“We see this principle as an important factor for product safety, but of course we also offer alternatives. The control cabinet can be detached from the system and placed externally upon request. In this way, we create flexibility, for example if there is not enough space in the production area or as per the customer’s wishes,” said Volker Lauber, managing director at K+G Wetter. Connections for external ventilation are standard, and these are fitted with cuffs to make retrofitting easier.

The machines give higher energy efficiency through fast heating. The steam consumption is reduced by approx. 30% due to the double-walled construction of the cutter bowl.

The machines comes with an easy-to-use touchscreen operating panel. Frequently-used commands can be programmed to illuminated ring key, closing and opening the lid and knife lid, and loading and unloading the bowl, are carried out via easily movable sticks. The user can design the panel according to individual requirements, e.g. switch-off function such as temperature, time or bowl revolutions.

In addition, the CutControl software from K+G Wetter guides you step by step through the production process of a recipe, while all production steps with measurable quantities, such as times or temperature curves, are recorded and read out via the CutVision software.

Managing director Andreas Wetter said: “Our new generation of vacuum industrial cutters, Hygenic Secure, is characterised by high energy efficiency and very fast loading and unloading times. In addition, the robustness of the machines reduces maintenance requirements and thus provides additional cost savings. All this supports a more economical production. What distinguishes the new industrial bowl cutters in particular are their strengths in the area of hygiene. This ensures a high level of product safety for our customers.”

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