CTI introduces thermochromic packaging inks

Chromatic Technologies Inc (CTI) has launched the packaging industry’s first thermochromic ink for use in solvent ink applications. CTI’s achievement represents a technological breakthrough, especially for the flexible packaging industry.

Solvent inks for printing are used by over 95% of flexible packaging suppliers. Prior to CTI’s development of Solvent Thermochromic Ink, printers had to run water-based specialty technology. Using water-based inks inside a solvent plant created challenges: affecting efficiency and economics for customers, increasing set-up times, cleaning and affecting solvent recapture.

CTI’s Solvent Thermochromic Ink deliver much stronger colours compared to water-based inks, which often required more than one printing station to achieve target colour density. Solvent Thermochromic Ink is delivered as a one-part, finished ink to customers.

“CTI had a technology breakthrough inventing solvent-thermochromic inks that can be delivered as a single, finished, print-ready ink which maintains a shelf-life of 90 days,” said Lyle Small, CTI’s founder and president.

“This new technology just made a lot of production and economic headaches disappear for our customers and creates a pipeline of innovation they can bring to market.”

In addition to thermochromic, CTI now offers a suite of solvent-ready specialty ink technologies including glow-in-dark, photochromic, hydrochromic, pressure-activated and reveal inks.

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