Registering trade marks with Gin Lane

Registering trade marks with Gin Lane

Gin is big business, worth over £600m in the UK as reported by the Wine and Spirits Trade Association. The recent boom in gin purchase and consumption has led to an increase in new and pop-up gin-focused bars. In a crowded market, producers need to create not only a quality product, but a distinctive brand that stands out among a surplus of competitors.

Located in the heart of Halifax, Gin Lane is a premium bar, lounge and retail space offering two hundred varieties of the juniper-based spirit. Concerned by increasing competition, Gin Lane recognised the need to safeguard one of the elements that makes the brand unique, and signals to customers the quality of its product – its visual identity.

Shortly after the brand was established, Appleyard Lees was appointed by Gin Lane to register its trade mark in the UK. A registered trade mark would ensure protection for the Gin Lane logo, providing tools to prevent potential infringement, and maintain the brand equity Gin Lane had worked so hard to build.

Following an initial search process to ensure the mark could be registered in the UK, an application was filed at the UK Intellectual Property Office (UK IPO) and proceeded to registration shortly thereafter.

“Securing a trade mark for the Gin Lane brand early in our business’s development was essential for us to expand and grow with confidence,” Gavin Morton, director of Gin Lane said. “We know our brand will remain recognisable in the market, therefore, we can continue to put investment behind it, including opening up more bars and online retail shops in the future”.

Having secured its trade mark, Gin Lane can now take legal action against parties who attempt to register conflicting trade marks, protecting its visual assets and preventing any resulting devaluation of the Gin Lane brand in the market. Appleyard Lees continue to monitor filing activity to identify early any potentially infringing mark.

Appleyard Lees said it is delighted that Gin Lane now have a UK trade mark registration for its Gin Lane logo. Since registering the logo, Gin Lane has been able to enforce its rights in this registration against other companies who have tried to use a similar name in relation to similar goods and services.


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