Arla Foods Ingredients Innovation Centre ‘to unleash the wonders of whey’

Arla Foods is breaking ground on its new €40m modern innovation centre for the ingredients business in Nr. Vium, Denmark.

The company with global demand for highly specialised products and ingredients increasing, Arla Foods Ingredients (AFI) can intensify its innovation efforts and take dairy and whey ingredients to the next level to meet the need for nutritious and sustainable food.

The new innovation centre will be home to leading international scientists and innovators.

It will be a 9,000 square metre state-of-the-art facility with open office spaces, labs and a pilot plant, and the close interaction between the new AFI Innovation Centre and Danmark Protein will create an environment for process development and pilot production to “unleash all the wonders of whey”.

Arla Foods Ingredients (AFI) is an Arla Foods subsidiary that has transformed whey from what was once considered a waste product to premium, high quality ingredients used for infant nutrition, clinical nutrition, sports nutrition, health foods and other foods and beverage products.

Henrik Andersen, group vice president in Arla Foods Ingredients, said: “I am very happy to announce that we are now breaking ground on our new game changing innovation centre. We are always looking for new and innovative solutions for our customers to help them develop new products that meet specific nutritional needs of children, athletes, patients and consumers. With the new centre we can use cutting edge research and technology to explore milk and whey to their full potential as ingredients for a wide range of nutrition.”

At the centre, up to 90 scientists, technicians and innovators will cover all aspects of research and development within whey and milk – from advanced separation technologies to isolate specific components of the whey or milk, to heat treatment and pasteurisation technology to improve functionality and shelf-life.

The new AFI Innovation centre is expected to open in summer 2021.

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