Marel releases new poultry cut-up automation

Marel has released its new ACM-NT Compact automated cut-up solution for poultry processing. Making use of ACM-NT’s proven breast, leg and wing cutting modules, Marel says the custom-designed system can make any high-grade chicken part customers ask for.

Each individual processor can reportedly set up the ACM-NT Compact cut-up system just like it will fit best in the production, and once the appropriate modules have been chosen, the system is able to focus on performing the highest percentage of A-grade cuts in the industry, be it for wing, leg or breast products.

Marel says the ACM-NT Compact takes into account the available space in a processing plant. The system offers three standardised overhead steel frames, all with a small footprint. Shackling products and, if necessary, bypassing modules are reportedly simple manual processes. The maximum capacity depends on shackling speed, usually 6,500 products per hour. The modular system can grow from straightforward production of chicken parts to a powerful in-line cut-up solution, achieving multiple cuts intelligently and simultaneously without manual interference.

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